Cannabis in Canada

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Unless you have not been following the progression of cannabis legalization around the world you have probably heard that Canada is on track to legalize recreational Cannabis next year. Medical marijuana has been legal in the country for several years now and British Columbia has found themselves a spot as being one of the best producers of medical marijuana around the world. When originally enacted the medical marijuana program centered around regulations known as the MMAR. After years of this set of statutes, it was obvious that changes were needed and just recently the MMPR was enacted. When Justin Trudeau the current prime minister was campaigning to be elected he made many statements regarding how he would fast-track marijuana legalization in the country if he were elected. So far it does not seem that Justin is holding good to his claims, however, changing cannabis laws is not as easy as just flipping a switch.

The Justin Trudeau government is taking steps to hold good to their word and recently announced the members of the marijuana task force. This task force will be responsible for conducting interviews and research to determine the best way to regulate a legalized recreational or retail marijuana market. This task force has many different things that they will have to determine and take into consideration when providing their recommendations to the Trudeau government this November. The task force will be looking at things such as what age restrictions need to be in place, what potency regulations need to be in place as well as whether or not they will stick to a mail-order only distribution system or if they will allow licensed storefronts to distribute and sell recreational marijuana to those of age. They will also have to consider things such as zoning restrictions of where the storefronts or grow facilities can exist as well as things such as labeling and product packaging specifications. Many people are quite worried that it will be overly restricted and individuals will not have the true freedom that they deserve surrounding cannabis due to the fact of who some of the members of the marijuana task force are. Other people believe that these members were carefully selected and will provide an outline and recommendation as to what will ultimately be best for the residents in Canada.

While all of this is going on, in the background there are many advocates and activists throughout Canada as well as around the world that have been calling for Justin Trudeau to end the arrest of individuals who are caught in possession of small amounts of marijuana while they work out the details of legalization as to not negatively affect any more lives over a plant that will soon be legal. Unfortunately, the government in Canada does not work as it does in the United States and the Prime Minister cannot just tell the police forces to stop making arrests as they operate as different entities in the government structure of Canada. Until laws are enacted that legalize the possession, distribution and consumption of cannabis based on certain restrictions these arrests will unfortunately still continue. On a high note though legalization is coming in Canada and that is something we can all celebrate.