Cannabis Laws are Changing Around the World

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Cannabis probation was started back in 1937 by the United States of America. At this time in history, Congress enacted the MJ Tax Act. This was a campaign built on racism. It was specifically drafted to target minorities as well as to take cannabis out of the picture completely making way for the industrial revolution of cotton, synthetic fibers, alcohol and tobacco amongst many others. These companies have put hundreds of millions of dollars into supporting cannabis prohibition.

If cannabis were to be legalized around the world people would become healthier and we would break our dependency on these non-renewable resources which are plaguing our planet to the brink of destruction. There are five major opponents of cannabis legalization today. They are often times referred to as the Big 5. They are the pharmaceutical industry, the alcohol and tobacco industries, private prison corporations and private police unions.

Cannabis laws around the world have been influenced based upon the DEA.  Many countries around the world are starting to abolish these outdated cannabis laws that were built up on racism and encouraged by the United States. Here are a list of some of the different countries around the world and how they view cannabis in their society. Remember many of these prohibition laws were influenced by the United States of America and the DEA.

Afghanistan has zero tolerance for cannabis. Possession is illegal. The sale is illegal as well as transport and cultivation. Yet our troops guard poppy fields full of opium for the pharmaceutical industry and drug lords. Following Afghanistan, you have Albania, Algeria, and Angola, all with the same zero tolerance for cannabis.

Bolivia has decriminalized cannabis in small amounts as well as Belize, Belize tolerates cannabis possession however it is still illegal. Brazil a country in financial ruins would stand to benefit immensely from Cannabis legalization yet the government there still has a zero tolerance for cannabis. Cambodia has taken steps and decriminalized cannabis across the board in certain amounts depending on the situation.

Columbia has seen the light behind the green and legalized cannabis all the way. You are allowed to have 22 grams for personal consumption with no limit for medical or scientific purposes if you are licensed by the NAC. You are also allowed to grow up to 20 plants for personal consumption in Columbia.

Many countries still have marijuana prohibition laws in place. However, thankfully many countries are starting to adopt cannabis decriminalization laws. Ecuador, Jamaica, Malta, Mexico, the Netherlands, Paraguay, Portugal, and Switzerland are just some of the countries worldwide who have adopted cannabis decriminalization laws according to documentation that can be found on Wikipedia.  In the United States you have 4 states that have legalized the possession and consumption of cannabis by adults 21 and older as well as 25 states that have legalized cannabis for medical purposes. It is obvious that the end of cannabis prohibition is near. The movement behind legalization is stronger and more dedicated than ever to ending the prohibition of cannabis around the world.