A Complete Review of the Popular Davinci IQ Vaporizer

A Complete Review of the Popular Davinci IQ Vaporizer

Vaping is fast becoming the go-to cannabis consumption option. Clean, intuitive, and reusable, vapers make a lot of sense. They help people wean off cigarettes, use cannabis strains of choice, and offer cannabis fans a discrete and convenient way to imbibe for recreational or medical purposes.

There’s a lot of competition out there, but considering the out-of-pocket investment, it helps to get your head and hand around the best on the market.

The Davinci IQ design just fits my hand so comfortably! It’s sleek; yet, I like to caress the matte finish as my personal fidget. It’s become my new pocket friend.

The ceramic conduction heater core holds a zirconia pearl that distributes the heat to cook your dry herb evenly for a full and smoother taste. Its LED display shows the status without having to open its innovative app. And, it comes with a 10-year warranty.

Taste full flavor

Conduction heating releases cannabis terpenes to fully flavor the vapor. But, setting the temp right optimizes the best in Davinci IQ technology. High temperatures will destroy terpenes and weaken flavor, but Davinci IQ’s Smart Path signals will keep your cannabis safe.

Stay fit

Fitness buffs are embracing cannabis for its anti-inflammatory benefits before and after workouts. With Davinci IQ, they can enjoy the benefits without the respiratory risks associated with smoking.

Medical therapy

Different cannabis strains induce different reactions. Cannabis may calm nerves, reduce spasticity, and prevent nausea. Cannabis improves mood, levels emotional swings, and manages stress, especially at low temperatures. At higher temperatures, it will induce deep relaxation and introspection.

The total package

Davinci IQ comes with two mouthpieces, one flat and one extended. The kit includes a packing tool, cleaning accessories, a carry can for extra stash, and a 10mm adapter and micro USB charging cable.

You get a 90-minute 2500 mAh 18650 Lithium-ion battery that you can replace for $10.95. Or, you can recharge the system in three to four hours using the USB cable.

The extended mouthpiece works better, more comfortable, and cooler on the lips than the flat mouthpiece. The zirconia infrastructure reduces conductivity, but the body can warm up at the highest temps.

All you do is grind your herb finely and fill the chamber accessible at the bottom. You swing the door closed, power it up with five clicks, and set it to Precision or Smart Path modes.

The first device with an all-ceramic vapor path to maximize flavor, it draws smooth and full at lower temperatures. Vapor remains full, but flavor mutes at highest temperatures.

And, at 3.5” H X 1.65” W, Davinci IQ is more portable and discrete than most of its competitors. And, it is compatible with Zeus Iceborn effectively turning it into a water pipe.

The Smart Path tech innovation

Davinci IQ allows for over an hour’s use per session. Its feedback technology vibrates when you need to charge the device. The ceramic zirconia construction defies cracking, and the great insulation keeps the heat where it belongs.

But, it’s the Smart Paths app that moves it to the top of anyone’s list of “bests.” The Bluetooth app can be downloaded at iTunes or Google Play. It lets you start the Davinci IQ from your phone and set your Smart Path temperature with ease and little thought.

So, you can use the pre-set Precision tempt or select the Smart Path temp to customize your experience for a recreational or medicinal benefit.

  • Smart Path 1 is labeled “High Noon,” low temperatures of 350° F to 370° F that awaken your sense of smell and taste to a light buzz. It’s a smart temperature range for first-timers who want energy, creativity, and some light euphoria.
  • Smart Path 2 invites “Sunset” temperatures of 370°F to 390°F. It’s the right path for casual users who want a comfortable and enjoyable euphoria. It produces balanced, cerebral, complete, distracted, leisurely, and relieving effects
  • Smart Path 3 means “Moonlight.” It heats from 390°F to 410°F to let you kick back in a full-body sedation. It leaves you feeling artistic and inspired, calm and pain-free, and cerebral and inventive.
  • Smart Path 4 creates a “Sandman” at 410°F to 430°F for a dreamy, sedating, couch lock sensation.

The vapor is full, rich, and flavorful. The engineering is unique and user-friendly. The design is striking, futuristic and multi-functional, and the Davinci IQ is available in colors at $274.99.