Desert Bloom: Cannabis Keeps Epilepsy Patient Seizure Free

Desert Bloom: Cannabis Keeps Epilepsy Patient Seizure Free continues to support and raise awareness for Epilepsy Awareness Month. For a mid-month update, we are sharing a story about a local Tucson boy, Madden, who has used cannabis for seizure control. Madden, is a patient at The Desert Bloom Re-leaf Center and his success story was documented by the Desert Bloom Director, Aari Ruben, in February 2014.

From Aari's Blog Post:.

This post is part of a series of highlights of patient experiences at Desert Bloom Re-Leaf Center. These stories show how we learn and develop new methods. It’s his is a description of how we change things for the few, and their stories are how we inspire humanity and effect widespread change for the many..

It’s been quite awhile since we checked in with my little buddy, Madden, and his adventure battling epilepsy. I have had the privilege of working with him and his brave family for about six months now, and his cannabis treatments have had time to take hold..

There were many ups and downs over the first four months of treatment, while Madden got off of pharmaceuticals and adjusted to his plant-based medicine. He has been doing quite well for two months now, and these strides he has made so far in his effort to live as normal a life as possible are just the beginning..

Madden has had more medical care in six years of life than I hope most people have in their lifetime. He has tried a host of medications with some temporary success, but these treatments are toxic, not sustainable, and not conducive to good development and health. He has had surgeries. He has had tests and had to fast or be in uncomfortable situations over and over again. He has been poked and prodded to no end. He has fallen walking down the sidewalk and dancing with mom over the last few months, requiring trips to the hospital for stitches..

These are stressful experiences. They wear on a person and reduce natural protective hormones found in our bodies and brains, such as cortisol. Madden has survived it all. This kid is tough! He is a young boy growing into his new body and brain and living his new reality, and it seems to suit him well. He is mimicking words. He is enjoying his days without being forced into uncomfortable splints to keep his legs stable or into a helmet to keep his head safe, because madden isn’t having seizures anymore. He has been almost completely seizure free since he got over a bout of flu more than two months ago. The holidays were good to him..

He still is a fragile youngster, but he is getting stronger and asserting his independence more day by day. So if he is doing so well, why am I writing about Madden today? Didn’t Sanjay Gupta already tell this story about Charlotte Figi and cannabis and its effectiveness in treating epilepsy?.

See the story isn’t over, there are countless Charlotte’s in our country, and they need our help, not just to find their way to cannabis as a treatment option, but to develop new treatment plans and breed newer and better plants to use as starting material. Madden’s success story and the good choices made for him by his family are helping others. Word has spread about him in our local community, and new patients and families are beginning to seek out these treatments..

See Madden is an inspiration. He is an inspiration to me, he is an inspiration to his peers that also have special needs. He brings hope to families left to rely only on faith that they will find an answer to their hopes and prayers. For someone who was so sick for so long and who was given so little hope of a normal life to have made such a dramatic, life changing recovery can only be the work of miracles..

The only possible explanation for how a humble plant can make these wonderful things happen for Madden is that it is natures way. It is being proven daily across the globe, and even in our own backyard at Desert Bloom Re-Leaf Center..

This is becoming undeniable, it is a human right, it is the essence of life and the human experience..

Aari Ruben, One Love