Celebrities Who Support Cannabis Legalization

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Celebrity cannabis supporters are all different types of individuals from every walk of life and nations around the world. The choice for people to enjoy cannabis is the right of an individual and should not be governed by authorities or government institutions. Groups such as the Drug Enforcement Agency or the DEA along with politicians in the United States federal government have led an all-out campaign in an attempted eradication of marijuana. Celebrity supporters help to bring awareness to the cause of marijuana because many people are blinded by over eight decades of negative prohibition against marijuana.

There's a multitude of different celebrities from major mainstream celebrities as well as some that the average person might not know that support marijuana. We are going to focus on some of the mainstream celebrities that support marijuana so that you can understand there is a lot of people who have realized they have been lied to their entire lives when it comes to the topic of cannabis.

One of the best-known celebrity supporters of marijuana has to be Morgan Freeman. Everybody's familiar with Morgan Freeman from Bruce Almighty to the Nelson Mandela story. Morgan Freeman is an avid cannabis supporter who openly discusses the medical diseases and conditions in which he treats himself for utilizing the all natural alternative known as medical cannabis. Nothing else works for him and he jokes around saying he would snorted if he had to.

Jennifer Aniston is another celebrity who endorses cannabis amongst her friends. She says she has seen many of her friends fall victim to pills and alcohol where nobody has to go to rehab for cannabis unless it's court ordered for some stupid reason.

Cameron Diaz is another successful supporter of the cannabis industry. Her celebrity status is known around the globe and just as she's known around the globe she knows many people who enjoy cannabis and are quite successful. The stereotypes that have been placed on cannabis are lies spread by special interest groups looking to capitalize and profit from the suffering of people.

George Zimmerman, perhaps you might know this name. I guarantee it, in fact, George Zimmerman is the founder of the Men's Wearhouse. He's an avid supporter of cannabis and has been his entire life. Being a successful entrepreneur and businessman this also helps to show the stereotypic lies the government has spread about marijuana to be untrue.

Tito Ortiz is a famous MMA fighter and cannabis consumer. Tito Ortiz was banned from the sport he is dedicated his life to for 5 years because of cannabis. This individual trains hard on a daily basis and makes the organization millions of dollars but because he decided to have cannabis as part of his regimen he was banned from doing what he loves to do. He has gained support from the NBA, NFL, and virtually every other major sports league.

These are just a few of the many celebrity cannabis supporters out there today. In fact you might just be surprised to find out that your favorite celebrity is also a supporter of the herb!