Exploring Vaporizers

Exploring Vaporizers
Over the last few years, more individuals have begun to ditch the traditional hand held pipe, rolling papers, and bong for a more smooth and healthier option. If you're not already familiar with vaporizers, you should be.

Vaporizers can vary in size and each offers a different way to enjoy your favorite strain, however the end goal with vaping is to bypass the negative health risks that can be associated when inhaling smoke. From carcinogens to other toxins such as ammonia, irritants are still present when cannabis is burned and inhaled. Several studies have been released that support the benefits of vaping cannabis compared to smoking it, and again the emphasis is placed on the possible respiratory problems inhaling smoke can present.

Curious as to how these magical devices work? Simple. Vaporizers heat cannabis below the combustion point, which is 392°F, and at any temperature above 285°F the cannabis begins to convert into gas or vapor. This inhalable form of vapor still contains the active ingredients but doesn't contain any of the above mentioned irritants.

Now that you're considering saving your next paycheck to buy a vaporizer, you'll have to narrow it down to which one best suits you and your lifestyle. Some vaporizers are required to be plugged in whereas others are hand held and portable (don't forget the batteries though!) If you're still unsure, head over to The Vape Critic where the reviews are endless on the plentiful vaporizer options currently available.

The health benefits associated with vaping should at least encourage you to give it a try and see how you like it. Worst case scenario, you don't cough anymore when you inhale and you don't have to worry about the ever present stoner smell that follows most users around. And just because you adopt a brand new vaporizer, it doesn't mean you have to abandon your favorite pipe or bong. Nostalgia is a hard thing to shake, we understand.