Glass Pipes vs Metal Pipes

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Glass pipes vs metal pipes has been a contradiction for cannabis consumers over the years. Some people prefer their old school metal pipes while others love the taste that glass pipes deliver. Some people still like to smoke the resin and find it impossible to clean glass pipes without running the risk of breaking them. The thought of running alcohol through your bowl and throwing away all that resin make some cringe. Then there are others that prefer glass because it is cleaner than metal.

Metal bowls can actually put off toxins that are dangerous for human consumption. Glass eliminates these toxins and is also easier to clean. With a little salt and alcohol, your glass piece can look like brand new again. It will also deliver that fresh taste of the bud you are smoking.

With all the delectable strains of marijuana available on the market today some find it a complete shame to put their tasty nugs in a dirty metal bowl. Nothing can ruin the taste of good herb quite like a bowl that is hardly ever cleaned.

When it comes to metal pipes there is an option for a metal pipe that hits just like glass every time. This option is called a Hightanium cannabis pipe. These pipes are crafted using titanium, therefore, they do not have the same metal flavor as other bowls. In fact, you won't know that you're not smoking through a glass chillum. That is until you drop it off your lap and it doesn't break.

Glass pipes give cannabis consumers a world of options when it comes to expressing their individuality through the uniqueness of their pipes. From bongs to dab rigs, spoons, one-hitters ,and Sherlock's there are a multitude of different styles, colors, and designs that help you to say this is me. Glass pipes also come with a drawback. Don't get too stoned and leave them on your lap. All it takes is getting up off the couch or hopping out the car seat or lounge chair and if you don't have a real heady glass piece 9 times out of 10 your bowl is going to break.

The debate will go on as to which is better. Glass bowls or metal bowls. As long as you are enjoying the herb you are blazin upon I guess it really doesn't matter. The choice is yours. Consume responsibly and educate while you medicate. Learn about cannabis so that you can teach others the truth surrounding this very misunderstood plant.