Home Delivery for Medical Marijuana

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A decade ago, the thought of having medical marijuana delivered right to your home would seem like something straight out of a fantasy novel – entertaining, but no way it could happen in real life. Fast forward to today and we now have a number of medical marijuana delivery services that can actually take patients' prescriptions right to their door! They can order over the phone or on the web, and as long as they have the correct credentials and ID cards, their prescription will be heading to them.

Consider the benefit that this offers to the patient. Getting out and going to a dispensary is not always easy for those who are suffering from debilitating conditions and chronic pain. With a home delivery service, they no longer need to go out for an unneeded errand.

A number of companies are starting to move into this field, as the need for quality delivery services is growing. As you can imagine, services are highly regulated to ensure that the marijuana gets to the right patients. Most of the companies have strict rules about hiring delivery drivers, and they only allow the drivers to carry a certain amount of marijuana in the vehicle at any given time. It's a great idea, and it has the potential to make the lives of many patients much easier.