How to Easily Find the Best Marijuana Deals Near Me?

How to Easily Find the Best Marijuana Deals Near Me?

If you need to know how to find marijuana deals near you, there are apps for that. If you want to put your brain and body to some thug in a hoodie, you’ll find one on Craigslist and similar sites. If you want quality and confidence in what you get, you must trust more reliable sources.

If you just want to score, you’ll find someone in your neighborhood or office building ready to deal. And, in states where sale and possession are still illegal, you may continue to resort to the guy dealing in the shadow of a Walmart dumpster.

But, if you are free to buy in your state, you have a new problem. The heavy taxes have significantly upped the price. So, the sleazy dealer will stay in business, but if you want to shoot for something better.

How can you find the best marijuana deal near you?


Many sites, like,  and Weedpons, offer coupons for purchases. They offer printable coupons with discounts on specific products like concentrates and waxes. They discount a quantity of grams. And, they provide coupons to specific stores on named brands.

Deals of the Day

Other websites direct you to links where you can find the best deal of the day in your town – where legal. Some are specific to veterans or to medical patients. They provide choices, where they can, between stores and locations. And, they may promote brands or strains.

Local Buddy

Potguide recommends finding a buddy in the legal state you plan to visit. Some stores and dispensaries offer discounts to those with resident drivers’ licenses. The friend may also know the store well and where they display the well-priced product. For example, marijuana has a shelf life like any flowering plant or produce, so they will lower price on some product to move it, usually within 10 days.

Price Gouging

Potguide also points out how supply and demand affects pricing even in the long legal state of Colorado. “At last check, the city and county of Denver contains no less than 330 recreational and medical marijuana stores. In contrast, the town of Silverthorne has all of one and Frisco has merely five, despite the fact that thousands stream through these mountain towns every ski season.” 

So, there’s no surprise that the prices increase as you move away from Denver. Buyers will face similar problems in Canada as well as California, Washington, and other legal states. It makes sense, then, to plan and buy ahead of traveling away from the densely-populated sources.

Shopping Local

Many websites are devoted to deals in specific cities. LeafBuyer and Westword, for instance, offers coupons and covers deals at stores and pharmacies in named Colorado cities. As legalization expands, you can imagine such innovations going nationwide.

Store Sites

Individual retail stores and medical marijuana dispensaries are developing their own websites, handy for new and regular users. As competition increases, these sites will become more professional looking. As of now, customers will likely prefer sites that are easy to navigate, light on content copy, and clear about inventory.


Like any business, retail stores and dispensaries gear up with specials for the holidays. Merchants will push product in the weeks leading up to 4/20, so you can stock up. And, they open Green Friday (the day after Thanksgiving) with post and pre-holiday deals to adjust their year-end inventory.


Some California medical cannabis dispensaries offer one-time discounts for first time customer prescriptions. Such ideas will multiply in cities and states where only medical marijuana is legal because fewer sources will be competing for a narrower market.


Uber and Lyft offered special deals in Denver this past 4/20 in a campaign organized in conjunction with Mothers Against Drink Driving. They cruised town in green cars and discounted every ride by $4.20, an idea with lots of potential.


If you have a favorite strain or family and want to stick with it, you can always google deals for that strain. There are sites devoted to deals on Kush, Sativa, Indica, and others.


If you raise your own and know what you want, you can find seeds, lights, soils, irrigation, and much more on the internet. Even Amazon and eBay sell harvesting equipment and smoking accessories. You’ll find grinders, papers, vapers, lighters, and the like. It’s also true that there are more marijuana specific retail sites where you can explore quality and special needs.


It is not legal to purchase cannabis seeds on line on most states, except as fishing bait or bird seed. Still, legal or not, vendors can ship seeds easily. And, you’ll find numerous outlets online. Penalties for getting caught are not likely high, but you may want to be sure about rights in your state.

Long story short –

If you live in areas where marijuana has been legalized, you’ll find many bargains, discounts, and coupons. Some websites concentrate on local deals, and others cover all legal states. With more states falling in line, and the head started granted current legal states, you should see rapid development in accessibility, mobile applications, and online sophistication driven by the heated canna-economy competition.

So, in states where medical marijuana and recreational weed are legal, you will find it easy to find the best marijuana deals near you. In areas where it is still illegal, there is enough out there now for you to research and explore because your time till come.

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