How to Write a Cannabis Dispensary Review

How to Write a Cannabis Dispensary Review

Reviews appear across the Internet. It seems everyone has something to say about something. Writers often reduce these reviews to tweet-size bytes. But, these cleverly worded quotes can help or hurt a business. So, the reviewer has some obligation to do things right.

No reviewer is authorized to put a cannabis dispensary out of business. So, it’s worth knowing how to write a cannabis dispensary review that’s meaningful and constructive.

How not to do it!

Most “reviewers” seem to have some agenda. They might be disgruntled customers who are disappointed in one thing or another. They may be former employees or spokespeople for the competition.

You will find that the shorter the review, the less valid the opinion expressed. After all, it takes some time to make a case for one view or another. So, you won’t find a worthwhile review on sites like Yelp or Yellow Pages.

When reviewers present themselves as “secret shoppers,” they do experience the dispensary at work. But, they also risk reporting a narrow experience that passes judgement on the business based on a short visit, an impression too brief to fairly explore the business’s total experience.

Reviewers who fail to name specifics of the experience in favor of generalities do not present an argument. They do not understand that opinion is a reasoned approach to evidence. Instead, they offer general impressions. At best, they offer a summary of their taste, their likes and dislikes. But, that is neither opinion or critique.

How to write a better cannabis dispensary review:

1. Do research:

The best cannabis dispensary experiences begin at their website. Good websites make an upfront case for the business. It offers location, hours, and contact information. That info alone tells you something about the neighborhood.

The website should include photos of the exterior and interior, a menu of products and deals available that day. It gives you an overview of the cannabis operation, clarifies your expectations, and helps you form a strategy for your visit.

2. Notify the owners:

You should interview the owners of the cannabis dispensary before the visit and outside the dispensary location if possible. This does give up your “secret,” but it is a more professional approach.

When you are upfront about your interest and purpose, you will be surprised by the owners’ cooperation. At this stage of the developing canna-economy, no one has the authority or license to destroy businesses.

An interview lets the reviewer and owners find a common ground, a shared understanding of businesses excellence. If you ask questions about their business purpose, their plans, and their struggles, you will find them forthcoming as you present a no fear environment.

3. Make no promises:

You don’t want to promise that you will only say good things. That only compromises your position. But, you can promise to be fair and even describe the procedure you will follow on your store visit.

You and your review will profit if you can convince the dispensary principles that you are interested in their success and potential. The review will strike readers as authentic when you communicate your interest in making things work constructively. It’s much better to help the cannabis dispensary get things right than to broadcast what they’re doing wrong. After all, these businesses are startups and pioneers in an industry without much business history.

4. Plan your visit:

You need some strategic approach to your dispensary visit. If you review cannabis outlets on a regular basis, you should have a scripted approach. That is, you should generally ask the same questions from one dispensary to another so you are treating them the same.

You can begin that strategy by dividing the experience into segments. For example, you might start with an assessment of location and shopping environment. Readers will want to know if the location presents safety concerns or shopping convenience.

You can expect to go through security, but you can also expect it to be thorough but polite. Readers appreciate knowing what to expect in terms of the waiting process and clientele.

When admitted to the store proper, you should observe the welcome offered by personnel. At the price of cannabis products, you should expect some welcome and congeniality. But, you should also spend time looking over the store’s atmosphere. Lighting, fixtures, and display all say something about the owners’ commitment to excellence and quality.

Atmosphere contributes to customer shopping experience. And, in an increasingly competitive market, improving that customer experience means a lot. The mid- and hi-end customer the canna-economy wants to secure also expects clean, secure, and attractive shopping experiences.

5. Talk with personnel:

You should talk to everyone you meet – customers, security guards, and budtenders. But, the best time belongs to the budtenders. Some websites for cannabis dispensaries display the pictures and brief bios of the budtenders, and reviewers should familiarize themselves with those identities.

If you can approach a budtender as someone you know, you have a relationship underway. Reviews should show interest in their competence, professionalism, and service. With questions prepared ahead of tie, you can test their knowledge of specific products, applications, or recommendations. Your review should cover their ability to advise on specific health issues or recreational wishes.

Write an honest cannabis dispensary review –

Best reviews strike an authentic tone. And, you do that by writing about the specifics. Any review should focus on the dispensary, its people, and their performance. The review should not be about the reviewer; you do this by avoiding first person pronouns.

Specifics reduce your personal biases and strike an informative voice. They authenticate your observations. And, they let the store and its people speak for themselves. This will build trust in your readers and form a relationship with canna-preneurs who will add authority to your view and welcome your visit and voice in the future.

If you learn how to write a cannabis dispensary review well, you become an authority in the field and not just a critic.