Indicas - Hard Hitting Happy Highs

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Cannabis comes in thousands of different named strains but every one of these strains can be classified as one of three types of marijuana. The three types of marijuana are Indicas, Sativas, and Hybrids. Each type of marijuana has certain characteristics that are common throughout most of the strains of that type. Let's look at the characteristics of Indica dominant cannabis more in depth.

First let’s take a look at the common characteristics of Indica varieties while they are being cultivated. Indica strains of cannabis tend to grow faster than other types such as Sativas and tend to be short and bushy plants often not exceeding 6ft in height. Like the plants themselves, the leaves of Indica plants also have leaves with shorter and thicker blades in comparison to the long slender bladed leaves of other types of marijuana. This makes them a great choice for small grow spaces and for growing indoors.

Some of the medical benefits that people around the globe receive from cannabis consumption. Many individuals who suffer from anxiety find great relief from indica strains of cannabis as they provide a sense of euphoria, happiness, and overall relaxation. These same effects also make them the preferred type of cannabis for many people who suffer from depression, stress or other mental conditions. Indica strains are typically high in THC content which makes them great for pain relief as well as insomnia, relief from inflammation and many other ailments.

Indica strains are known for providing the effects that many people associate with cannabis consumption. You know the typically stoner stigma that a lot of people believe that involves a long haired hippy smoking a joint and then eating bunch of junk food while sitting on the couch laughing or sleeping the day away. It’s easy to see how some could view cannabis this way seeing how Indica varieties of cannabis are known for providing full body relaxation and a case of the munchies. They are also known to provoke intense giggles as well as a great night’s sleep. But seriously, how could being happy, hungry and sleepy be a bad thing? In fact, many people who suffer from depression, insomnia or loss of appetite find these effects to be very welcoming.

Some of the more common Indica's that you may have heard of include Northern Lights, Granddaddy Purple, AK-47, and Super Skunk. Any of these 4 strains will be sure not to disappoint whether it’s your first time taking or toke or if you have been enjoying the herb for years.