More Than Just Flowers: Information About Tinctures, Wax and More.

More Than Just Flowers: Information About Tinctures, Wax and More.
One of the most well known, useful and versatile plants we know of is cannabis. Several extracts and other products result from this single hemp plant and due to the increase in demand, more studies are being released highlighting the importance and value of the extracts that come from cannabis.


Up until 1937 when marijuana was banned, tinctures were the standard way of consuming marijuana medicinally. For individuals who would rather not smoke cannabis due to personal health reasons, tinctures offer a quick and easy solution that can provide consistent dosing and a system of rapid delivery.

What is the best way to use Tinctures? It’s recommended to place one droplet underneath the tongue. Once the medicine is placed under the tongue, it quickly absorbs into the systems of arteries and therein to the brain and subsequently to the rest of the body.

Tincture is an extraction of active cannabinoids from the plant material and it utilizes alcohol extraction to get the end result. These are known to have all 80 types of cannabinoids in it, where each complements the other and provides a greater efficacy in preparation. Hemp Oil

Grown from the same plant as marijuana, hemp oil itself does not contain high levels of THC and instead is harvested from the stalks and seeds of the plant. Hemp oil has higher levels of CBD which can counter the effects presented from THC such as paranoia and memory impairment. The popularity of hemp oil has grown considerably in recent months due to various cases of individuals using the oil to help control seizures, amongst other health related issues. These CBD oils can be used as is or added into other drinks or smoothies to make their taste negotiable and better.


Topicals is another way the cannabis plant is used to try and transmit its health benefits to a person. The topical can range from a variety of different types of balms to lotions and even sprays. These are infused with the extracts of the cannabis flower. These are known to be effective analgesics and anti inflammatory for the body.


Marijuana edibles are made from butter of oils that are infused with the cannaboid extracts from the plants. Most commonly, these are known as cannabutter or cannaoil. These are made from marijuana flower tops and leaves simmered in pure oil or butter and left to rest for a large amount of hours. This makes sure that the oil or butter is laden with the THC making them effective for use in all forms of cooking.


Marijuana wax is another use of the marijuana plant’s flower and a testament to its usefulness. This is made by collecting the resins form the female plant. These resins are compressed into small blocks that can be eaten, mixed in tea, or smoked. Marijuana wax is known to provide a strong pain relief in a very short span.