Just What Is a Cannabis Hybrid

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Cannabis breeding and growing is an area that has evolved over the decades. Marijuana prohibition changed the way that cannabis breeders and growers conducted their research and work. There were notorious strains of marijuana such as the original Skunk Number 1 that were too pungent in smell. During a time of heightened prohibition amid the early seventies through the mid-eighties, the scent of Skunk Bud alone was enough to get somebody busted in a grow. You could smell it for blocks away from where it was being grown. In order to combat the smell, the skunk bud was bred with other strains of marijuana to leave the potency but take away the pungency of the aroma. This type of crossbreeding is what gave birth to hybrids.

Now there is a difference between a hybrid and a phenotype. A phenotype will start off as a particular strain but end up being something completely different. A great example of phenotypes would be Exodus Cheese AKA UK cheese. It originally started off as a Skunk seed but when it finished growing it was Skunk no more. It gave birth to a phenotype called U.K. Cheese. Hybrid cannabis strains are created by crossing two or more strains together in hopes of creating the perfect strain of marijuana.

Just imagine for a moment if you will the perfect cannabis. Everybody has a different opinion on what they like and it is hard to find a strain that gives you everything. Some strains of marijuana provide an incredible buzz while other strains of marijuana have flavor profiles and aromatic qualities that are simply one of a kind. If you could combine the best of the best together to make a strain that had the best buzz along with the best flavor profile and aromatic attributes that would be amazing.

That is exactly what happens when hybrids are made. Strains are crossed and then crossed again in order to obtain the best of the best. Flavor profiles, aromas, and overall effects can be masterfully blended by growers and breeders that are dedicated to their craft. The majority of the strains we enjoy today are hybrids. There are very few landrace strains such as Afghani or Durban Poison in comparison to the vast amount of hybrids on the market.

Hybrids can be a combination of 2 or more Indicas, 2 or more Sativas or a combination of both Sativa and Indica dominant strains. Hybrids often offer a balance between uplifted, energetic cerebral head highs and relaxed, euphoric body buzzes making them a favorite of many medical marijuana patients and retail consumers alike.