The Love-Hate Relationship We Have with Pre-Rolls

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Chances are if you have ever gone into a marijuana dispensary you have encountered prerolls for sales. Prerolls are just that, pre-rolled joints for your enjoyment. They offer many benefits, however, consumers and patients have a love/hate relationship with them. Pre-rolls typically come in either half gram or 1 gram sizes and some dispensaries also offer mega pre-rolls which can be multiple grams. Let's look at some of the benefits as well as the negatives associated with pre-rolls along with just why consumers have mixed emotions about them.

First, let's look at some of the benefits and reasons why people choose to purchase pre-rolls. The most obvious benefit that pre-rolls offer is their convenience. For individuals who do not know how to roll a joint or just don't like to pre-rolls are a great choice. They are also magnificent choices for medical patients who may suffer from things such as arthritis and not be able to roll their own.

Another benefit that pre-rolls offer is their discretion. Pre-rolls are rolled to look almost perfect every time making them almost appear like a cigarette when being consumed. Pre-rolls can also be easily concealed within a number of different things without putting off the pungent smell that many dry buds produce.

Another benefit that many individuals love about pre-rolls is their ability to purchase a small amount of a strain to see how it affects them rather than having to purchase larger quantities.

Now let's take a look at a few of the reasons why people choose not to purchase pre-rolls. The most obvious reason why someone would not choose to buy a pre-roll is the fact that you cannot really see what you were getting. Some dispensaries sell pre-rolls that are rolled utilizing trim or shake from their harvest while others utilize actual buds to roll their pre-rolls with. There are even some dispensaries such as Mesa Organics in Pueblo Colorado that also include the keef in their bud based pre-rolls.

Others tend not to buy pre-rolls simply because they are heavy consumers and it is much cheaper for them to simply purchase larger quantities and roll their own. Some people also do not prefer pre-rolls as they simply enjoy the process of grinding their own bud and rolling their own joints.

These are just a few of the pros and cons surrounding pre-rolls. Have you ever purchased a pre-roll? What are your thoughts do you prefer to have a pre-roll or roll your own.