Microdosing Cannabis: Which Products are Best for You?

Microdosing Cannabis: Which Products are Best for You?

A headline on Rolling Stone reads, “Welcome to marijuana 2.0, where the less product you use, the better it works.”

Author Sara Davidson goes on to say, “With microdosing, people are getting the maximum benefit from the minimum amount, without becoming stoned, paranoid or lethargic. Some are microdsoing to regulate their moods, boost their creativity, or enhance their workouts and yoga sessions.”

So, microdosing may not just be for medical marijuana after all.

Which products are best for you?

1. Evergreen Organix overs a variety of tempting edibles, but the 5mg CannaCubes are meant for microdosing. Hard candy lozenges, they stack in discrete tubes. Cherry, blue raspberry, grape, grape, mango, mint, or watermelon, they’re 100% sugar free. The twenty lozenges each have 5mg of THC. 

2. Dr. Norm’s cookies come in many graded doses. Twenty 5mg come in a bag to tempt you to have more than just one. Based on their mom’s famous recipe, crunchy on the outside and brownie chewy on the inside.

Each cookie recipe includes chocolate chips, chopped pecans, and Heath® bar toffee bits. You can also buy cookies in 10 and 25mg doses.

3. Mints are go-to treat for cannabis microdosing. Kiva’s low-dose Petra mints with eucalyptus oil, green tea matcha, and California cannabis come in 2.5mg bits. Sugar-free, they’re sweetened with natural xylitol. You can manage your dosing and preferred results with these little doses.

4. The brilliantly branded Mellows are cannabis-infused marshmallows handmade in San Francisco. A box holds 12 mellows infused with Red Congolese sativa for a one 5mg dose at a time. (They suggest no more than one every two hours.) Topped with sprinkles, they come in various flavors including smores, birthday cakes, cookies and cream, peanut butter pretzel, and more.

5. High Times’ 2016 Colorado Cannabis Cup 1st Place Best Edible is the CODA Signature’s gorgeous Crescendo Collection of 10mg THC truffles. Sinfully beautiful, the six-piece group includes two each of white chocolate over lemon and juniper berries, milk chocolate brewed with Earl Grey tea and sugared with Colorado honey, and burnt-soft salted caramel. Each truffle is handcrafted and packaged as a luxury gift.

6. Lord Jones’ All-Natural Old-Fashioned Gum Drops come handsomely packaged in an old-world way. Handmade in small batches from citric acid, gelatin, natural fruit flavor, sugar, and CBD-rich extract, they relieve pain, anxiety, and stabilize mood. Gluten-free, the nine 20-mg gum drops are displayed like fruit slices in citrus and berry colors and flavors.

7. Each single serving chocolate cookie SPOT displays its dosage, strain, and potency. You can choose from four options: 5mg THC, 10mg THC, 5mg CBD/5mg THC, or 10mg CBD/3mg THC. Experiences range from low for beginners to the soothing effects of high CBD, maximized by the lightest psychoactive dose of THC possible.

8. A package of Incredibles’ Sativa Peach Gummies comes with a total of 150mg THC or 90mg THC. Gluten-free, GMO-free, and triple-tested, the delicious treats also come in watermelon, strawberry, and red licorice flavors. Incredibles grows its own cannabis, tests every batch, and garners awards for quality and consistency.

9. Cannavavitive Ginger Peach Gummiez are richly-flavored chews for new and veteran users. Available in daytime, nighttime, and CBD-rich formulas, they offer something for anyone who is microdosing. Products include 10mg Sativa, 10mg Indica, and 2:1 CBD to THC potency.

10. Weedmaps offers low dose Granola Bites. The yummy bites are created from agave syrup, chopped almonds and Medjool dates, dark chocolate sweetened with stevia, oven-roasted rolled oats, and peanut butter. Each of the six 2.5mg bites in a bag comes in at 60 calories.

Microdosing Cannabis: Which Products are Best for You?

You can also opt for micro doses in teas, botanical drinks, butters, oils, and more. The only risk these edibles present is enjoying them too much. Microdosing requires you to take one small dose at a time. But, those listed here are so tasty but slow to work, you might be tempted to consume too many too quickly.

Forbes quotes Beverly Bethany Gomez, Director of Research for Brightfield Group as saying, “2017 was the year where microdosed products emerged right and left, targeting newbies and more sophisticated consumers who want to use cannabis on a regular basis and still be able to function throughout their day.  With recreational opening in California and recreational markets taking off in Nevada this trend is expected to explode in 2018.”

And, while the items listed here are not available in all states or dispensaries, microdosing still offers users multiple opportunities to use and/or to medicate discretely and conveniently and still enjoy the benefits you want. Microdose and enjoy!