Minnesota Legalizes Medical Marijuana

Minnesota Legalizes Medical Marijuana
Medical Marijuana has been legalized in Minnesota. The land of 10,000 lakes saw a new dawn on the horizon on the morning of July 1, 2015. People in Minnesota have been fighting to legalize medical marijuana for some time now and their struggle has finally borne fruit. The first cannabis clinic in the state (the Minnesota Medical Solutions clinic), which is located in the downtown Minneapolis area is now open – a great news for all patients that require medical marijuana.

There is a cause of massive excitement in the medical marijuana industry, since after years of struggle and fighting to legalize marijuana; the people of Minnesota have finally won. The Tightest Regulated Medical Marijuana Program in the States.

The medical marijuana program in Minnesota is tightly regulated and is regarded to be the toughest one in the entire nation, besides being the most clinical one as well. Even though cannabis has been legalized, it will be sold in liquids, oils, or pills, and it will still not be allowed to be consumed as a ‘smokable’ plant. This has obviously caught the manufacturers’ attention, and they are now tailoring their doses to treat medical conditions.

Currently, the medical marijuana program in Minnesota is open to all patients who are suffering from one of the following medical conditions. These conditions include:

 Crohn’s disease

 Glaucoma

 Epilepsy

 Cancer

Right now, there are only 65 people in the state that are enrolled in the program, but that number is expected to grow rapidly over the coming months. The first ever patients of the program were undoubtedly, over the moon after getting their treatments. A Massive Day for Minnesota The 1st of July 2015 will go down in history as one of the most important days for the state. A lot of people have fought long and hard to legalize medical marijuana in Minnesota and it has finally happened. The jubilation was etched onto the faces of the patients and it was clear for all to see just how much this meant to everyone connected with the program. It is a huge step in the right direction, and the most important aspect of the legalization is that people will now be able to safely take the medicine in a safe and stress free environment.

The second medical marijuana clinic in Minnesota is expected to open soon in Eagan at around 10 am, but it will remain closed for the general public in the beginning. Leafline labs have taken the lead on fighting medical marijuana and regulation in Minnesota, so that patients can get the best possible medical marijuana medicines strains for treating their conditions safely.