Moms Credited for Iowa’s Legalization of Cannabis Oils

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Mothers of children with epilepsy are determined to ensure their child has the best medication for their illness, even if that includes cannabis oil.  CBD oil, which is known for its treating of chronic epilepsy, is not smoked and does not create a high and would be retained from another state.

“The passage marks a stunning victory for a group of mothers of children with epilepsy who lobbied lawmakers vigorously for months and changed the minds of several lawmakers who had been staunch opponents of medical marijuana.

“What we’re offering today is hope for these families, that they can finally get some access to something that can help them,” said Rep. Bob Kressig, D-Cedar Falls.

The bill approved Thursday decriminalizes possession of cannabidiol for epileptic patients and their caregivers who receive a neurologist’s recommendation and obtain a state-issued ID card. The doctor must practice in Iowa, and caregivers must be designated by the recommending doctor.”

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