More Practical Tips for Edibles

More Practical Tips for Edibles

The standard recommendation, which is a good one, is for anyone looking to eat marijuana edibles to start off slow and wait 45 minutes to see how the edible has impacted him or her. This is because edibles can have much more of a delayed effect than inhaling and the way the digestive system processes the ingested edible can cause a more severe effect. However, for some people, including myself, even if I follow those instructions, can end up nauseous and severely impacted by the narcotic effects of marijuana.

So what else can people do? I started doing a little more research and monitoring what my other eating and drinking habits were when I had these bad edible experiences and started adjusting my edible usage to test these theories and research. The following is an overview of additional tips that have been personally tested.

Find Out if the Edible is Plant-based or Concentrate Based

Edibles can be made from cannabis leaves extracted and filtered into butter or oils or from concentrates such has hash or kief. The potency difference is significant when comparing a concentrate based product versus a flower-based product. It is important for edible consumers to not confuse their typical dosage of say 1/2 of a gram of flower-based edibles versus a 1/2 of a gram of concentrate-based edibles. Applying the typical rule of thumb of eating 1/4 then eating the rest is a good one, learning what an individual's personal tolerance level is for plant-based versus concentrate-based quantities is even better.

Not All Edible Producers Are the Same

From a quick search on for lab test results with high CBN, an extraordinary number of edibles pops up. CBN is the cannabinoid that results from oxidized THC. THC becomes oxidized over time or when exposed to light, so it is quite possible that some manufacturers of edibles are using older flower. CBN, like THC is psychoactive, but can also induce dizziness and nausea. Those are the exact side effects I would have with only certain edible producer brands. I do have to admit that I have a pretty low tolerance, and there’s some talk that high CBN and THC values may create strain for those super high tolerance users.

Don’t Eat on an Empty Stomach

Like many prescription medicines and vitamins, ingesting marijuana on an empty stomach can create nausea. MMJ Edibles are not intended to be the only meal or meals of the day. Having other food or nourishment can help keep the effects more balanced.

Coffee Can Make Everything Worse

Most people are aware that coffee can boost the digestive system by stimulating the intestine contraction it also can act as a diuretic. These changes in digestive system and the dehydration can magnify the effects of marijuana edibles.

Now that I’ve been following these other tips, I have only had positive experience with edibles. Hopefully for others, even those who have sworn off edibles, these tips may work too. Now that you have some great tips, go check out what Marijuana Edibles are in Your Area!