"Must Know” Cannabis Lingo in 2014

"Must Know” Cannabis Lingo in 2014
Bong, 420, bud, weed, stoner, baked, high, cottonmouth, joint, even THC and CBD and many others have had a long well-known history as terms used by cannabis users or are becoming more popular common day terms. However, cannabis lingo has evolved as both the marijuana industry evolves and medical terms bleed into stoner lingo. To help prepare new and even the veteran marijuana user for modern day verbiage, we have prepared a quick starter list of the “Must Know” Cannabis Lingo for 2014:

Caviar: Dried cannabis dipped in oil or rolled in other concentrates.

Clones: Small cannabis plants that are early in their development.

Dab or Dabs: Reference to inhaling a wax concentrate. “I took a dab.” “We dabbed.”

Dosage: The amount of cannabis needed to relieve symptoms.

Extraction: The method used to create concentrated forms of cannabis by pulling out certain components of the cannabis, typically the cannabinoids. Extraction methods can include butane, alcohol, ice water, CO2 and other methods.

Flower: The dried cannabis buds.

Medible: Marijuana infused edible products.

Medicate: To consume cannabis for a medical purpose.

Oil Slick: A small container to hold wax or other concentrates that prevent sticking and leakage from melting.

Pre-Roll: An already prepared joint. Can vary in size.

RSO: Rick Simpson Oil. A method developed by Rick Simpson to treat certain cancers with cannabis.

Rig: A bong like device or attachment for smoking concentrates.

Shake: The small left over pieces of dried cannabis that remain in the container or bag. Some stores or dispensaries compile these and offer them at discounted rates.

Trim: The left over leaves after a cannabis plant has been trimmed. It still has cannabinoid content and can be used or is often sold at a discounted rate.

RSO: Rick Simpson Oil. A method developed by Rick Simpson to treat certain cancers with cannabis.

Tested: Typically a process in which cannabis products are lab tested for cannabinoid content and safety (mold, pesticides, etc).

Vape Pen or E-Pen: Like tobacco oil pens, but made for cannabis oil or even wax.

There are many more words out there in today’s cannabis culture, but we figure it is best to not overwhelm. These are some good starter words to be familiar with and we’ll be sure to do more each month on AllBud.com