Oregon Legalizes Recreational Marijuana

Oregon Legalizes Recreational Marijuana
Marijuana legalization is quickly gaining momentum all over the United States, and Oregon is the latest state to make the recreational use of marijuana legal. Huge celebrations were seen in Oregon as people came out in droves to the top of the Burnside Bridge in Portland. The large group of people that were gathered at the bridge were obviously ecstatic with the news and waited for the clocks to strike midnight, which is when Oregon’s Measure 91 officially went into effect.

It is now legal for all people above the age of 21 to grow up to 4 marijuana plants and even give small amounts in gifts. With this new ‘gifting law’ coming into effect in Oregon, marijuana enthusiasts and growers came together for a massive ‘BYOW’ party. The ‘Burnside Burn’ as it was called was an occasion where all pot enthusiasts could unite and celebrate the new found freedom that they can enjoy together.

De-Criminalizing of Marijuana

With this latest law, the de-criminalizing of marijuana in the United States is in full effect, but even though marijuana is legal for recreational use, there are still major steps that need to be completed before a marijuana market, similar to the one that is up and running in Colorado, can be set up in Oregon. Pot enthusiasts were delighted with this latest rule change but it is still illegal to purchase or sell marijuana in Oregon.

However, starting from 1st October, people will be allowed to purchase products from medical marijuana dispensaries in the state, while a sales tax for marijuana was also established through a connected bill. There is still a federal law in place, which prohibits the banks from providing funds for marijuana processors, growers, and sellers, who have to deal in cash. Business owners in Oregon went to Washington recently in order to ensure that a solution to this problem can be quickly presented and so far the signs are good.

The 4th Legal State

Oregon has become the 4th state in the United States that has legalized the recreational use of marijuana, right after Washington, Colorado, and Alaska. The celebrations in the state are expected to continue for a long time, since pot enthusiasts that were so used to living in fear now have complete freedom to enjoy and use marijuana freely. The people of Oregon really are taking their marijuana legalization celebrations seriously, and ‘Weed the People’ was another event that was organized to celebrate the new law. More than 3,000 people showed up to the Portland MCF Craft Brewing Systems, and the event was a resounding success for all marijuana growers who could display their work to the now legal marijuana users.

A Joyous Occasion

The people of Oregon were all over the moon with the legalization of marijuana and it is expected that this latest rule will also send positive signals for the rest of the states to follow. As of now, marijuana has become legal in Oregon, so if you weren’t considering moving to Oregon, you just have a massive reason to visit Oregon.