Safe Access to a Recreational Marijuana Market in Oregon

Safe Access to a Recreational Marijuana Market in Oregon
It has been a very exciting year for the state of Oregon. With the passing of Measure 91 adults age 21 or older have been able to possess and consume marijuana legally within the state since July 1st, 2015. On Oct. 1st, they celebrated again. The beginning of October marked the time for state-licensed medical marijuana dispensaries to open their doors to the public for recreational use as well thanks to Senate Bill 460. This bill was approved by a 40-19 House vote and a 23-6 vote in Senate. Majority votes such as these are showing that public awareness is increasingly allowing for better informed decision making. This October remember that your victory came from all those who spoke up defending and supporting the cannabis community.

What You Canna and Canna Not Purchase

Select Medical marijuana dispensaries are now allowed to sell to recreational customers as well until the state defines regulations for licensed recreational dispensaries that are expected to open in 2016. Recreational customers can buy up to a ¼ ounce of dried marijuana daily. They also have the option of purchasing cannabis seeds and clones. Recreational consumers cannot purchase edibles, extracts or other products that are currently available to medical marijuana patients in the state. Just when you don’t think it could get any more exciting, it does! Until the end of 2015, recreational purchases will not have an imposed tax either so you can be sure that the state will work diligently to get recreational dispensaries regulated and open to the public.

Benefits of Early Access to a Safe Marijuana Market

Oregon allowing medically licensed marijuana dispensaries to sell to recreational customers is a great choice. This motion allows adults who choose to consume marijuana recreationally to be able to purchase marijuana from a safe and reliable source. The black market, as people in many states know, is not the safest or easiest way to obtain some ganja. Dispensaries help individuals stay compliant with the laws they have voted for which do not permit person to person transactions for cannabis. Dispensaries also ensure that consumers are enjoying a safe product, purchased in a safe environment. This makes everyone safer and helps to eliminate black market transactions.

What Dispensaries Made the Cut and Can Sell Recreational Marijuana

When sales began on Thursday, October 1st, over 250 medical dispensaries could serve the public for recreational purposes. These entities include over 100 Medical Marijuana dispensaries in Portland alone. Unfortunately, some cities and counties have banned early sales but there will still be plenty to go around just a short drive away. Some of the places with bans include the cities of Brownsville, Creswell, and Junction City as well as the counties of Marion and Douglas. So if you live in these areas make sure you know the closest destination for your herb needs is so you can plan ahead and never have an empty bowl.