States Not Allowing "Smoking" of Bud as a Legal Option: Vape or Edibles Only

States Not Allowing "Smoking" of Bud as  a Legal Option: Vape or Edibles Only
You may have heard about the recent reports and breaking news stories over the past few months about numerous states legalizing the right to possess marijuana. It seems that while the celebrations are well underway, there is still a slight problem for all those marijuana enthusiasts. It seems that while the possession of marijuana is legal in those states, the smoking of bud is only for vaping and edibles.

This is a huge turnoff for most marijuana enthusiasts, who mostly prefer to smoke marijuana. The problem of where you can smoke your weed safely is one of the most hotly contested topics out right now. There is still debate that is going on about smoking bud legally in public, and it is recommended that you should always be discreet about smoking marijuana out in public, even if it has become legal.

Do it Like They Do It In Amsterdam

There have been mass calls made about the possibility of opening marijuana bars, such as the ones found in Amsterdam, which allow people the chance to blaze up in a safe environment. One thing that is definitely not recommended is the smoking of bud whilst you are walking down the street, since it will get your arrested pretty quickly. Remember that you can get a ticket if you are found smoking bud openly in the streets, and since there are no marijuana shops or bars like the ones in Amsterdam, you should smoke in the comforts of your home. The general public is still optimistic that with time, there will be lots of marijuana bars and shops, which will allow marijuana users to safely smoke their bud without facing any problems with the law.

Vapes or Edibles Only

The thing that gripes most marijuana enthusiasts is that vaping and consuming edible marijuana is allowed by the law, but they are not allowed to blaze up in public. This is harsh for most, since they thought that complete legalization of marijuana in the state meant that they are free to consume how they want to and wherever. It all basically depends on the venue and the crowd where you are smoking marijuana, since most people will turn a blind eye. However, in some places you can get in trouble with the police and that is why you should consider vaping marijuana out in public. The reason blazing up marijuana on the streets and in public spaces is not legal is due to the smell of the bud. This smell is not found in marijuana edible and in some e-cigs that have come out with marijuana buds.

You should also note that the possession of marijuana on federal property is illegal and will land you into jail for a period of 1 year if you are caught. This means that it is illegal to carry marijuana when you are visiting national parks, mountains, national forests, and other federal properties such as courthouses.