Veterans and Cannabis - How You Can Help

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When it comes to the individuals that can benefit from cannabis Veterans are at the top of the list. From injuries sustained in battle all the way to the mental effects of being deployed cannabis has many things to offer veterans and active duty military personnel. It is a well-known fact that more Veterans from the recent Iraqi war suffer from PTSD today than Veterans of wars in the past. It is also well known that at least 22 veterans end their lives every day due to PTSD, pharmaceutical overdose, and things such as depression.

Cannabis has anecdotal and scientific evidence that proves its effectiveness at treating the symptoms of PTSD as well as many of the ailments in which veterans are prescribed a barrage of pharmaceuticals for. Just recently a study was approved to research the effectiveness of cannabis in combatting the effects of PTSD. This study very well could force the government to allow veterans to utilize cannabis without consequences of any sort which should be allowed anyhow according to the majority of the US population.

So how can you help might you ask? Well, there are many ways. The first, most important, and easiest way to make a difference is to check in on your veteran friends and family on a regular basis. Make sure they are doing well, have the support they need should they need it and are well taken care of. Helping to educate veterans on what we know so far in regards to how cannabis can help them with a variety of things is also very beneficial as they are likely on a cocktail of pharmaceuticals that are dangerous, ineffective and addictive and might not know just how much they could benefit from cannabis.

Other ways you can help is by sponsoring a veteran through Grow 4 Vets or Weed for Warriors. Both of these organizations help to provide cannabis to Veterans for medical purposes free of charge. Both of these organizations are helping to bring attention to the horrifying statistics surrounding Veteran suicide and just how effective cannabis can be at providing them relief from many different ailments. They are also dedicated to providing Veterans with the resources they need when transitioning back into a normal civilian life.

Another thing that you can do to help is reaching out to your representatives at every level from local city councils all the way up to the President and help bring awareness to the devastating things Veterans are facing as well as the benefits that cannabis could offer them. Urge your representative to help make changes. These are a few ways that everyone can help Veterans and things everyone should be doing. After all, these are the men and women who have fought for our freedoms and continue to do so today