What is Budder and How to Smoke It?

What is Budder and How to Smoke It?

Budder is a cannabis extract. It comes from blasting cannabis with CO2 or butane or soaking it in isopropyl alcohol. The process strips the cannabinoids and terpenes from the cannabis plant's woody plant material. Once the process purges the remaining solvent residue, it whips the remainder into a smooth butter-like by-product called "budder."

The process creates a purified high potency item fit for smoking by doing away with the plant material.

What is budder?

Budder belongs in the class of cannabis concentrates. It shares characteristics with cannabis wax, shatter, crumble, and so on. However, it differs from other concentrates in its rich yellow color and soft texture. Because the budder process retains the cannabis terpenes, the process rescues the aroma and flavor of the cannabis strain.

More importantly, the method maintains the THC, making budder a potent pal. Budder or Live Budder should be confused with Cannabutter, the cannabis-infused butter made for inclusion in cooking and baking recipes. Budder holds its own in competition with other popular extracts.

How to make budder?

The best budder product comes from a sophisticated process involving special tools and machines. However, you can make your own slightly less perfect budder.

  1. Break up buds by hand and sprinkle across a cookie sheet.

  2. Bake the cannabis at 200⁰F for about 20 minutes. You might stir the cannabis to expose all sides to the heat about halfway through.

  1. Add the dried cannabis to a 99-100% isopropyl alcohol bottle and put the bottle in the freezer for up to five hours.

  2. Add enough cold purified water to cover the cannabis-alcohol solution.

  3. Agitate the contents vigorously before beginning a filtering process.

 You want to filter the alcohol-cannabis mix thoroughly. That includes repeated filtering:

  1. Pour the alcohol-cannabis mix through a kitchen strainer or wire mesh screen.

  2. Set aside the screened cannabis for later.

  3. Pour the liquid through a coffee filter; then, pour it through another coffee filter into a glass jar.

  4. Squeeze the coffee filter to get all the alcohol from the mix.

  5. Cover the jar with a cheesecloth or a coffee filter to let the alcohol evaporate.Once the alcohol has evaporated, you should have a butter-like substance at the bottom and on the sides of the glass container. That is your Budder.

 Note: The best budder does not come from this process. It takes devices made for the procedure. The machines are worth the investment if you expect to use a lot of budder.

How to smoke budder?

You can use cannabis budder in several ways:

  • Twaxing: You can add pieces of budder to the mix in any joint. The budder will add good flavors and aromas. However, it will also substantially increase the potency of your joint. Getting this combination right takes some experience.

  • Bong: Budder works in any bong or bubbler device. After placing some budder in the unit’s bowl, you light it until it vaporizes into a potent inhale. You use it as you would use any cannabis extract.

  • Vaporizer: Vaporizers involve some investment. They provide a "clean" smoke and experience, but regular use justifies the cost. It helps if you select a vaporizer with controls that ensure the heating temperature.

  • Dab Rig: Cannabis budder works like other cannabis extracts and concentrates for dabbing. You place a bit of budder on the dab rig’s heated nail. It vaporizes into a potent cloud for inhaling. You do not want to burn the budder. Rigs vary in price, but you should look for one with heat controls.

Where things are going

More people opt for alternatives to smoking cannabis with a pipe or joint. Smoke from these habits presents the respiratory risks of smoking cigarettes and pipe tobacco. Cannabis consumers have moved toward processes without the carbon and toxins intake resulting from smoking. Bongs, bubblers, vaporizers, and dab rigs ensure cleaner smoke because of the various filtering processes. These devices also deliver a more potent experience because processes have removed the non-productive elements in the cannabis plant.

The techniques can retain the cannabis strain’s terpenes and flavonoids. More critical, the processes optimize the power of THC and CBD. Experienced cannabis customers value that power. It brings them closer to the “pure” experience of cannabis’ potential. Using concentrates allows users to control their intake and impact, and cannabis budder comes with convenience and a long shelf-life. Users can expect budder to remain fresh in a tightly sealed container for at least six months in a cool dark place.

Budder owners should replace their product after six months or as soon as they see pale or yellow clusters formed by dangerous coagulated lipids. Most cannabis strains contain 15% to 24% THC. Some test as high as 32% THC. However, budder tests as high as 80%. That potency attracts customers easily; however, first-time cannabis users should avoid anything that potent. It can produce paranoia, hallucinations, and schizophrenic symptoms.