Blue Dream One of the Most Popular Strains of Marijuana

Blue Dream One of the Most Popular Strains of Marijuana

Can we state the obvious? Not all strains of marijuana are created equal. They have different physiological effects; different medical values; different tastes; different cultivation needs. Some are simply more popular than others, and Blue Dream perpetually tops lists of most asked-for and most-purchased marijuana strains—but have you ever wondered why? What makes it so special, so uniquely effective over other strains of marijuana?

Cultivating Blue Dream

Although Blue Dream isn't a miraculously easy cannabis plant to grow, especially outdoors, it is a relatively strong and healthy plant to grow indoors. More importantly for growers, is that Blue Dream has a very high ratio of buds to flower and has an even more incredible high yield. Some growers reference up to 7 pounds of marijuana from a single blue dream plant. This combined with the fact the quality of the end product is very high, makes this a top choice for cultivators.

Classifying Blue Dream

To be sure, there is more to this strain than meets the eye. Many dispensaries have it listed as a Sativa strain, as it offers a tremendous head-high and tends to provide a boost of energy rather than a slump. So sure, in terms of its effect, it has much in common with other Sativa strains—but this is a somewhat oversimplified characterization.

Actually, Blue Dream is a 50/50 hybrid strain, a nice blend of Blueberry (which is an Indica) and Super Silver Haze (Sativa). That’s where Blue Dream derives its potency: It offers an energetic high but also a massively heady experience. And that’s just what many medical marijuana patients and recreational users are looking for.

Striving for Balance

Because Blue Dream tends to offer the best of both worlds—merging the characteristics of Indica and Sativa strains, and offering effects that are both robust and immediate—it tends to be an instant favorite among cannabis users. We have to note, however, that the very thing that makes Blue Dream so great—its hybrid nature—can also make it a tiny bit inconsistent.

Generally speaking, Blue Dream will give you a huge head-high; it will leave you feeling energetic and euphoric, precisely because of its 50/50 hybrid characteristics. However, the particular medicine you purchase at the dispensary may not be a perfect 50/50; sometimes, as it’s cultivated, it may lean a bit toward Indica or Sativa character traits, which means the effects won’t be quite as balanced as you might hope. This is not necessarily the norm, though, and usually that balance is very much present in the Blue Dream experience.

How is Blue Dream Used?

With that said, how is Blue Dream typically used, in a medical context? Generally speaking, we can say that, because of its euphoric effects and its head high, it is perhaps best known for its use in alleviating anxiety and stress.

Additionally, many patients have rated it highly for its use in addressing depression, while others have noted it for being a good pain and headache remedy. As usual, though, we must offer the caveat that actual, clinical research regarding medical marijuana usage is somewhat hard to come by, so this information is largely anecdotal.

The Blue Dream Experience

A final note, regarding the actual Blue Dream experience: The taste is best described simply as sweet, and with more than a hint of blueberry. Not an unpleasant experience at all, then. It’s not hard to see why Blue Dream remains one of the most popular strains of marijuana, nor why so many patients rave about its sweet, soaring highs.

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