Why Cannabis Price Doesn’t Always Reflect the Quality?

Why Cannabis Price Doesn’t Always Reflect the Quality?
When visiting dispensaries or marijuana retail stores, customers typically begin to get used to different tier level of pricing. Pricing structure can vary from store to store, but typically there are any where from 2 to 3 tiers of pricing. Although the tiers often reflect both the quality and demand for products, there are times that stores really will set a great low price for a great quality strain. Here’s a quick overview on those events.

Unexpected High Yield: For dispensaries that cultivate themselves, occasionally a strain grow can yield both the high quality they were looking for and a surprising high yield leaving the dispensary with the need to sell out the flower in a timely manner rather than have it sit. If the dispensary cultivation is not selling to third parties like edible producers or other stores, this can mean a great deal for the customer.

Too Much Supply: For those states where cultivators must be separate entities from the stores or dispensaries, this means cultivators could potentially be producing or over-producing the same strains. If stores have already acquired the needed quantity for blue dream or whatever other popular strain, the only reason they’d purchase more would be if the cultivator cuts them a great deal.

Staying Competitive: With a decent amount of nearby stores or dispensaries, each needs to compete for their customer base. Even if it means cutting into profit margins, it’s worth it to cut customers a good deal on quality bud to keep them returning as happy customers.

Patient Grows: In some states, patients are allowed to provide cannabis to dispensaries as a “donation” or at a fair compensation price. Patients that grow still have possession limits and again if a plant has a higher than expected yield, it behooves the patient to “donate” the cannabis to licensed stores providing another opportunity for stores or dispensaries to have access to a quality or unique strain, but in small quantities at a good price.

All in all, it’s just a good thing to know that price doesn’t always reflect quality and patients and customers often can find good deals on cannabis. Staying educated on the strains and a customer’s own personal preferences prior to purchasing is a the best way to make sure a good deal is not missed. Be sure to browse AllBud’s strain database and leave reviews on strains or specific flowers from specific stores to help other customers. Strain and product reviews on AllBud also serve as a personal journal for users to document and identify patterns and preferences of their own.

AllBud’s Specials section will be launching soon which will help customers find those great deals even faster. Stay tuned and happy bud hunting!