Buddha Tahoe Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

This medical marijuana strain, which is otherwise called as 'Buddha Tahoe Kush' was created by backcrossing OG Kush Tahoe cut, which is a forcibly growing strain. This is sometimes referred to as 'Tahoe OG (Reversed)'. Buddha Tahoe was first created by the breeding company, 'Big Buddha seeds'. This is another indica dominant strain that can be grown in both indoor and outdoor settings. The phenotypic characteristics of this strain are more or less like that of other indica strains. This was able to achieve the third place in the 'Cannabis Cup'. This was also ended up with the third spot in the overall competition as well. The plant is found to have an exceptional growth rate and the buds are found to be highly potent. The flavor that is being offered by this particular strain will be lemony in nature. Similar to the smell, the taste is also like a sublime lemon combined with an acute hash taste that is typical to Kush varieties. The strain is used for treating inflammation, multiple sclerosis and eating disorders. Buddha Tahoe is also found to be beneficial for the patients undertaking chemotherapy.
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One of the best strains I found in Washington!!! Bought it through Mr Bill's of Buckley it was $55 for Bang's an eighth, which I don't think it is worth that much; IMHO no weed is. Bought it once in 2014 and it quickly became my unicorn, a mythologic being that should you encounter it would bring a smile to your face and warm your heart as the magic envelopes you... In short, holy cow is this stuff nice. I smoked 3 hits and put the pipe down, that is a 1 hit strain for beginners. Smooth, the taste and smell are nothing special, but you can take big hits and no rasp or burn at all. I smoked it about 2 hours ago and I still feel it. Nice is to lay down. listen to some great music and watch the shadows race across the ceiling as the clouds pass. I truly was "elevated" by this strain, I mean I felt like I rose about 6" off the couch and stayed there for about an hour...

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