Cali Kush Strain

Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 9% - 13%

California Kush is a nice, well rounded hybrid strain which is Indica dominant. It has nice large compact buds with a large number of leaves. The flowers will appear with the color light green mixed with a light ice type blue, and as a bonus, has trichomes scattered throughout. The aroma of the buds themselves are a fruity and somewhat citrusy smell, mixed with dark coffee undertones, all of which are present in the taste of the smoke. When smoking Cali Kush, spiciness replaces the fruity smell, and the coffee aroma is much more prominent. The side effects are nice and balanced, leaving you feeling happy, lazy, and sleepy but without giving you couchlock. Whilst it is mostly used for stress medically, its seen a lot of use to treat insomnia, pain, nausea, anxiety, and depression. The reported downsides include dry eyes and dry mouth, but dizziness and headaches are possible in some users. Some people have had the opposite occur, where instead of reducing anxiety, it increases it instead.
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Sunshine OG (Sunshine x Cali OG) 75S/25I Asthmatic It is my opinion that when medicating with the above strain, the reduction of inflammation is a result of Cali OG’s genetic properties. I wheeze non-stop, but Sunshine OG reduces inflammation in my lungs (asthma). It becomes easier to breathe and I thank Cali OG.

Tight nice lime green nugs. Insanely dank. Very goofy/spacy high. Was the first topshelf strain I ever smoked & lemme tell ya, I was blazed. Like goofy first time smoking good blazed. Wasn't expecting it to last as long as it did, probably 4 hour high. And in hindsight I definitely think the THC content was more like 15%+ even tho I didn't have much of a tolerance. I just remember thinking it was SO much stronger than any of the decent mids I used to get.

i love cali kush . very good strain and it feel great this strain will take you for a ride .

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