Chiesel Marijuana Strain

Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

Chiesel is a sticky bud with an extremely strong smell. It is a combination of two critical varieties, one being Big Buddha Cheese and the other being New York City Diesel. It is dry but sticky, and looks dull green with a pungent smell of cheese and diesel. It has an impressive 1.04 per cent CBD level and 14.45 per cent THC level. Chiesel is known for its elevated effects and may be used for patients dealing with symptoms of stress, anxiety, chronic pain, mood fluctuations and depression. However, it may cause drying in the eyes and mouth. The contribution of the New York City Diesel in this medical strain highlights its salvaging effects; the patient should consider the importance and usefulness of avoiding this strain during afternoons, for maximum value when they do smoke it.
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Beautiful Sativa (70%) buds with 26% THC by West Coast Trading Company. Rock hard buds were a dull fern green with a touch of dull purple gray. Burnt orange hairs & white cloudy trichomes covered the buds. Tasted & smelled of earthy diesel cheese. Uplifted, happy, & relaxing make this a good daytime strain. Happiest of Sedation's!

Typically I'm ISO the highest quality flower in all degrees (thc,cbd,cbn). I have fibromyalgia as well as a cpl other chronic pain conditions. I found this to be incredibly good flower. I'd like to try getting it again soon!

I tried some Chiesel last night. It is was great. I bought some on my 2nd trip to my favorite dispensary (PSSA in Palm Springs). The 1st time I went there I saw the Chiesel but didn't buy it because the THC was at 17.9%. I was looking for 20% or above. The 2nd time I was there the budtender suggested the Chiesel so I gave it a try. Like I said before, it was great (it's NYC x Cheese, it's got to be good). That got me thinking. THC % is important but it's not everything. A lot of things affect your smoking session: How you feel, how you ingest, how much you ingest and so forth. So don't pass up a great strain based solely on THC%.

Some real good dense flavorful flowers. I appreciate this plant and Chisel is definitely one of my favorites. It was fun to watch grow. A real striver and it can handle pretty much whatever you can throw at it. Nute wise.

I can honestly say me and my boyfriend tried this and it really does put you in a relaxing happy setting. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wanted to try any type of dab, or weed!!

omg this bud smells soooooo strong! don't open it anywhere public or everyone will know what youre up to ;)

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