Golden Pineapple Strain

Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 20% - 23%

The golden pineapple sounds like a strain that is exotic and helps you battle a lot of things that you may be going through due to one reason or the other. The Golden Pineapple proves to be very effective both in the short run and in the long run regardless of the problem you may be facing. The Golden Pineapple is a very popular hybrid that is considered to be a cross between the Pineapple Kush and the Golden Goat. This particular strain naturally has a fruity and a very tropical flavor and aroma which are similar to that of a sour pineapple. Apart from its great taste, this strain is quite effective at battling stress, anxiety and depression. This particular strain also provides you with a good amount of energy, allowing you to seize the day. This is a good strain to smoke especially when you have a long and hard day in front of you. However, the only thing to look out for is the fact that if you take it in larger doses you can find it hard to focus on whatever you will be doing that day.
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Sometimes I will take a few puffs of this and feel energized for the rest of the day. I love the tropical taste and the sweetness.

Help me get. MA MJ Patient DMACA1961

Picked up an 1/8 oz. grown by Phat Panda, 26.1% THCA 0.2% CBD. This stuff is amazing, was glad when they restocked at my fave 21+. The jar had 3 perfect buds, each weighing close to a gram (eyeballing) and one closer to two. The aroma upon opening jar (harvested 45 days ago) is unreal, smells like the tropics, fruity, sweet. The smoke through bong is smooth, and the taste is smooth and sweet as well. After 2 hits, I was very pleasantly high, calm, relaxed, euphoric, "contempt but fully aware". Could do stuff, or not.

Great maybe the best with a haze

One of the BEST!

In my opinion one of the best strains that Phat Panda grows and that says a lot. Beautiful buds that come in a sweet jar with sweet graphics on them. The THC is high and the bud burns clean. The taste is amazing and always makes me wish i could have bought more.

Was just introduced by this by a budtender at my favorite place Crockpot last night and had some today to see if it works give me an energetic, uplifting kinds of feel. She was right, it did and a little lasts. It smells good, doesn't taste too bad although I don't really care for the taste of most hit me quick. But I've been used to indicas. Go try some!

Love the Golden Nugget! This is a Golden Pineapple Hybrid from Yield Farms and it will sneak up on ya! Starts out melloooow and kicks in to high gear for a while, then finishes smooth! Smell and favor is beautiful, very unique!

LOVE THIS STRAIN!!!!! gets ya where ya need to be without slowing ya down

Top notch!!! Definitely one I will always recommend to anyone!!!

I love it. It has bit higher THC level. It mental relaxes me but doesn't knock me out.

Definitely one that all need to try!!! I love it. The flavor is amazing the smell is unique. Give her rip

This stuff is like coffee in the morning, it gets me up and focused, ready to tackle school, work, or chores around the house. Smells like a citrus orgy on your face, I only vape this stuff because burning it would be sacrilegious! All kidding aside, this stuff is great however you toke it, 5/5 I get it whenever I can.

The smell is amazing, a deep fruity citrus like oranges and nectarines with a hint of fresh moss and pine needles. When burned it tastes a bit hashy or like diesel then quickly turns into a piney, lime, tar, cookie dough. Does a great job on my back pain and gives me that pick me up I miss not drinking coffee anymore. Doesn't make me anxious either.

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