Larry OG Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 26%

This medical marijuana strain is among the members of the popular ocean-family of strains. Larry OG was originally created in Orange County of California by crossing OG Kush with SFV OG. This is an indica hybrid strain that is featuring the entire lemon-pledge funk along with the vigor of the real Tahoe cut. In addition, there will be the hints of woodsy feel of SFV OG. The plant appears pale green colored cover with dark orange-red colored hairs thereby providing a visible contrast. The nugs are found to be small and dense and are having the edgy calyxes of OG Kush. The users of this strain say that Larry OG is giving out pungent as well as sweet and fresh aroma. The taste of the strain is similar to the smell and is sweet and tangy. The taste of this strain can be compared with that of a fresh orange. The laboratory testing of Larry OG showed that the strain has total THC, 0.1% CBN and 0.5% CBD. The higher THC content of this strain will be beneficial for people those who are seeking to improve their appetite. Moreover, this strain is known for creating body-high which will be great for alleviating body pain.
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One of my favorite buds. I take Larry everywhere. Larry loves going out on the boat and out on the town. Great tasting smoke Larry has not been around for a while. I miss you Larry.

Damn. You know how sometimes you gravity to certain strains cause of their name(which means little) and stay away from others because they are called something like Larry OG? Well that was me until the Larry was the best looking bud in the place so I brought some home. Damn have I been missing out. This stuff is great in taste smell looks and high which is what I'm always looking for. Great strain with a funny name.

I found this strain to be quite interesting! It had an immense kick after finishing a joint helping alleviate my pain. I suffer from insomnia and back pain and this was an ace in the hole for those ailments. Very good!

Delete if not allowed. This is for LARRY OG X SKYWALKER OG. That's a lot of funky oG genes in a row! Nugs were nice and dense, pressed out beautiful golden rosin that smelled wonderful. Mixed it with a high cbd hemp strain PINEBERRY from tweedlefarms ( family owned and operated Oregon organic) in a cart and the flavors were amazing. Before this I tried vaping the dry herb. Pretty nice. Was at 25% ..didnt blow my doors off but was pretty enjoyable. It was a functional indica for me. . Mixed with cbd it really dialed pain way down even further. Gonna try vaping the rosin in a q tip very soon.

Absolutely LOVE Larry! Wonderful taste, smell and soooo helpful for head and body!!

Larry OG or Bad Larry is what we like to call it. So we mix SFV Og with OG Kush. 2 of the most flavorful weedy flavors together to create Bad Larry. You like flavor than this is the shit, the bomb or Fire. Whatever you call the best of the best. The flavor comes through very citrus lemon with the classic OG aftertaste. It is Yum Yum Yum. Oh yeah it also melts away the pain and leaves a clear head to focus. This is a delicious pain killer that is an anytime smoke for everday smokers. The flavor sits on your tongue long after you smoke. Enjoy🤪

Great for moms who love pool days with the kiddies but need to stay lifted in the mix of “mommy and me time” lol

I love how a little bit....goes a long way. Smoke it slowly. Vaporizer is exceptional over a pipe. Either way, very, very relaxing.

One of the best damn Hybrid's I have ever had! Not a surprise with parents like OG Kush & SFV OG. Strain won best Medical Indica in 2014 Cannabis Cup. Dense green buds with short orange hairs & fine clear crystals. Smell & taste was citrus, lemon, & pine which explains why the strain also goes by the name Lemon Larry. Strain leans to the Indica side and I felt very relaxed from it, but not sleepy unless I use it before I go to bed & then it puts me out just about as well as any strain I have used for Insomnia. PEACE

Very nice mellow buzz

Didn't expect much due to the name but it's my new all time all star strain. I usually bounce around taking hits from five different strains looking for that perfect balance where my mind and body are at peace. Larry gives it to me all on his own. Pefect for any time of day or night.

Total peace this strain helps my mind to calm while staying focused 5 stars

Delicious great for anything

Larry O/G is pretty good!

larry can work either way depending on how rested you are. give you energy or put you on the couch.

Today was my first time ever trying this strain, and I got it tell you, I like it a lot!! Picked up an 8th for 25, and it was worth every penny!!! it has a very earthy lemony Piney taste and the effects are absolutely immediate!!! I give it 5 out of 5!! well, I give it four out of five because it has some serious cottonmouth to goes with it but awesome nonetheless!!!

Literally one of the best strains ever. It's my favorite strain as it helps me focus so well given the fact that my ADHD is generally wild as hell. Literally wish I had an endless supply of this.

Really good strain I posted a pick of it it's in my hand pic

A great strain to just numb out body aches. I could immediately feel relaxation set in. It also lifted my spirits a bit and made some things funnier.

Effects I Feel: Body High, GigglyHelp Me With: Chronic Pain

Early finisher, Indica dominant.

Larry can be your friend. If you have a sleeping disorder, suffer from pain or need to eat I think this would probably be an excellent choice. However, Larry comes with severe couch-lock, and cannot be listed under the more "sociable" strains. This kind of toxicity is really a personal choice, which is why I don't consider this one of my favorites.

Effects I Feel: Creative
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