Madman OG Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 19%, CBD: 1%, CBN: 1%

LA Confidential and OG Kush were crossbred to form this indica-dominant hybrid with relatively high maximum THC levels of more than 19%. The specific balance of sativa and indica isn't clear, but the indica effects dominate. The body high is relaxed and sleepy, ideal for inducing sleep, and it carries a potent case of the munchies. CBD contents are low, probably lower than 1%, so this strain shouldn't be used to treat seizures or other symptoms that respond to CBD. But Madman OG can be used to alleviate depression, nausea, pain, and cramps. As a strong appetite booster, this strain is also great for patients who want to gain weight. It produces a pleasant coffee flavor with sour hints of Kush and pine. Madman OG has an earthy aroma with similar notes of Kush and pine trees. The bud is bright green with many orange strands and a light cover of trichomes. This strain is sold in California and probably elsewhere on the West Coast. It may be found in other legal markets as well, but it is uncommon on the black market.
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One of my all time favorite strains, very peppery and lemony. A good indica, doesnt you out if you don't use too much.

I am high on Madman OG right now. This batch is perfectly cured. I know shwag. So, realize that the weed has to be taken care of and offer a somewhat sticky presence to be a good example of the particular strain in question. This weed was sticky and made its way to my pipe very quickly. The smoke was strong and smooth and my lungs did not want to exhale any of it. The high: functional smooth indica leaning but very strong - you know you are really high and that's what we are all trying to do here. So high marks for this strain.


When vaped this is some straight 🔥

Oddly I did not get what I thought I would. This was a fine Cannabis, but it’s hard to believe it was born of Parents listed. It had a very fruity overtone. I found the smoke smooth and the high average. Overall I liked it, but was confused by the fruity flavor and average high.

Bought this strain in San Diego. It's from CRU. Other reviews of this strain talked about a giggly euphoric experience. That has not happened when I try it. I describe it as "High with one foot on the ground". Maybe I should have picked up the Golden Ticket strain instead.

I thought this was a Good Strain. Its Got a Wonderful Taste anda Great High for pretty much anything. Good to be well rested if your toking this up, cause she can get couchey. Hittinig this hard made me feel a bit tipsy, but that was at the end of the day and I was hitting this hard. I did smoke this on the wakenbake and she's got a Solid Body buzz, kinda tingly, with an uplifted cerebral high that kept things Fun. A Good Social Smoke, can be playful and Giggly around the right people. As for munchies, they were there but controllable.. Crash was there too small kine.

This Indica dominate strain takes all the things in life that cause you to become a "madman" and puts them on the back burner for a couple of hours. THC level was 20% & right after smoking i became happy and euphoric followed by the wonderful relaxed body high which can turn into sleep. Buds were green with orange pistils & a light cover of trichomes over the dense buds. Taste & smell was piney, woody, & earthy to me. LA Confidential & OG Kush are this California strains lineage. Smoke on...

some of the best OG i've ever had from whtc in studio city

before anyone writes a crap review, marijuana that's picked early(the trichomes are clear) will caused anxiety. when madman is grown right it has a caviar appearance, thickly covered in a pungent layer of amber colored resin. when a piece gets broken off you will literally see a fine mist of crystals get released. its my favorite strain, i lost the strain to a power outage.. all my clones died. so please before you give this strain 1 star take the time to grab a magnify glass and check the crystals. if there clear its premature, cloudy is about right, but amber is what you want. if you find clear crystals find someone else because your getting ripped off.

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