Manitoba Poison Marijuana Strain

Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

Manitoba Poison is a hybrid marijuana strain with Indica/ Sativa content of 50/50 percent. It is best produced outdoors and produces a four feet tall plant that has purple fringed, dense and rounded buds that are surrounded by dark jade colored leaves. It is bred by the Great White North using unknown African marijuana varieties. Manitoba Poison has a powerful and calming effect on your system that is quite long lasting. It has a lovely woody aroma and a very nice taste that is a blend of fresh woody, earthy and floral flavors. After a few puffs, it puts you to sleep, which is why it is a good cure for sleeplessness. You can also use Manitoba Poison for curing a wide range of anxiety and stress easily. It soothes away the symptoms of these troubles making you feel calm and peaceful it is a potent strain and has a moderate THC level.
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