Maui Bubble Gift Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 9%, CBD: 11%

This strain which was a rare medical marijuana strain is now extensively found all over Portland, Oregon. Maui Bubble Gift was originally created by Eco Firma Farms as a 4-way hybrid cross between: Maui Wowie X Bubble Gum X God's Gift X unidentified strain. This falls under the indica dominant category with 7% to 11% CBD content and nearly 9% THC levels. Like most other CBD rich medical marijuana strains, this 2:1 marijuana strain also would give off the floral scents but with the rotten undertones. The taste that is produced by this strain will be earthy combined with a pleasing sweet-sounding finish. The buds of this plant would appear lime green colored covered by a layer of orange, red colored hairs along with the liberal layer of trichomes. The smoke produced by this strain will give the users the psychoactive effect and will be smooth and slow. Most typically, this would give the users the feeling of being relieved and the patients have reported that they were able to feel relaxed. This strain can also be used as an appetite stimulator. This has been proven to a true medical strain being used for treating a range of symptoms like Parkinson's disease, muscular dystrophy, seizures and tremors.
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Maui Bubble Gift is truly a gift to those of us searching for relief for pain. Since finding this lifesaver of a nug, I have never felt better. I'm always looking for it, and because of its rarity, usually don't find it. Try it and you can see for yourself why it always sells out wherever its in stock.

I LOVE THIS STUFF SO MUCH that I was willing to take a 3 hour round trip bus ride to procure some. I am plagued with moderately severe arthritic pain and this strain is a lovely analgesic. It takes the edge off with a squishy "body high." I like that I can consume casually throughout the day and feel better physically without being blotto mentally. Kudos to Thurman Street Collective for carrying it.

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