Maui Haole Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 15% - 17%

Maui Haole, also sometimes called “Hawaiian Alien,” is an evenly balanced hybrid (50% sativa/50% indica) strain created as a cross between the insanely popular Maui Waui X Romulan strains. With a moderately high THC level between 15-17% and insanely well-balanced effects, Maui Haole is perfect for any level of cannabis user! This bud has a delicious citrusy diesel aroma and a taste of sweet citrus with a hint of pungent diesel upon exhale. These buds have large fluffy leafy light minty green nugs with lots of fiery orange hairs and a frosty thick layer of chunky white crystal trichomes. The onset of the Maui Haole high starts with sativa effects pulled from its Maui Waui parentage – you'll feel insanely uplifted with a clear-headed sense of focus and creativity that will leave you slightly motivated. The Romulan parentage slowly creeps in later with a powerful indica effect that leaves you relaxed, sedated, and completely pain-free with a mellow feeling of couch-lock and the munchies. Because of these potent and well-balanced effects, Maui Haole is said to be perfect for treating patients suffering from conditions such as chronic pain, mild to moderate cases of depression, and chronic anxiety or stress.
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Pretty bunk strain. No trichomes or smell.

This is a great strain

Maui Haole is top shelf medicinal Pakalōlō at her finest. One of Pua Mana 1st Hawaiian Pakalōlō Seed Banks best strains, and that is quite the statement with strains like Caramel Kona Coffee Kush (Kona Gold x Caramel Kush) and da underground island sensation HI Presidential OG (Hawai'i '78 x Skywalker OG x Obama Kush) on da menu, as well as all of da Hawaiian landrace strains preserved by Pua Mana 'Ohana. Bred from da Nahiku Maui Wowie Father crossed with the original Joe Romulan cut Mother acquired from a Honolulu attorney who will remain nameless. The perfect 50/50 sativa/indica blend, a match made in paradise (literally). Maui Haole is straight molten fire from the volcanic tropical Hawaiian Islands.

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