Unicorn Poop Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 23% - 24%

Unicorn Poop is an evenly balanced hybrid strain (50% indica/50% sativa) created through crossing the delicious GMO X Sophisticated Lady strains. Don't let the name of this bud scare you off - Unicorn Poop actually packs a super delicious flavor! This bud has a taste of sweet yet sour citrusy fruits with hints of freshly ripened berries and a touch of earthiness. The aroma is very similar, with a fruity berry overtone accented by spicy diesel, sour citrus and fresh earthy herbs. The Unicorn Poop high is just as delightful, with a euphoric overtone that will leave both mind and body flying high for hours on end. You'll feel your mood almost instantly boosted as you're infused with a sense of pure happiness and ease that's filled with giggly laughter and sociability. A soothing body high accompanies this heady state, helping you to relax with an almost weightless sense that won't tie you down to the couch. In combination with its super high 23-24% average THC level, these effects make Unicorn Poop a great choice for treating conditions such as chronic stress or anxiety, mood swings, depression and chronic pain. This bud has long and dense grape-shaped dark forest green nugs with lots of furry amber hairs and a coating of tiny, amber-tinted white crystal trichomes coated with sweet sticky resin.
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Very uplifting body high! Good high! Energy galour! Great strain, wish it was more readily available.

I might have to change all my 5 star reviews after trying unicorn poop crumble thc concentrates as this is by far the strongest thc product, especially as a crumble already concentrated, I personally have tried. With a sweet flavor, a clean & efficient dab, the rolled over by a mack truck indica effect was the most intense & immediate insomnia relief I've ever found, meaning yes, even this high tolerance medical & recreational user passed out! This is a true ONE hit strain to start slow & small with until you develop a tolerance or just for help in total body relaxation & relief of racing thoughts, an immediate sleepiness & quick couch lock. I'd like to compare the bud smoking experience but this is now my number one strain as an indica I need for severe intractable insomnia & muscle relaxation.

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