XJ-13 Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 22%, CBD: 1%, CBN: 1%

XJ-13 is a 50:50 hybrid strain with an astounding 22% THC content. It is a cross between Jack Herer and strain G-13 and was bred to produce a flavor unlike anything you may have tasted before. It has a pleasurable taste which is spicy and sweet at the same time. However, you will note hints of lime and pine while smoking the strain. It is true when they say XJ-13 is every wake and baker's dream strain. The smell is extremely potent with funky undertones. There is more to the taste and smell than meets the eye, it adds to more to the classic taste all the while being hazy and pungent. After smoking the strain, the high kicks in almost immediately. You will feel powerful due to its lifting effects. The cerebral effects are well endowing as you will feel a body buzz unlike any other. It is perfect for individuals who are suffering from anxiety and depression. However, there is much more to it than its countless medical applications. JX-13 is also known for keeping your creative juices flowing. You will find it easy to converse with others and will make it even more fun for you to hang out with others.
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I been dealing with a bit of a a little anxiety, depression, and overthinking lately...and this strain knocks it right out and puts me in a good mood right away... pretty productive too!. smoke with friends!

Beautiful huge cola bugs with deep bright purple and lime green tones throughout , has a berry yoghurt granola bar smell , hits the throat nice and heavy surprisingly tho and starts like a sativa heavy and then has me couch locked after acouple hours, 9/10 would def smoke again

One of the best daytime or early evening smokes. The immediate uplifting effects give a clear-headed buzz with a great kick to the body that does not leave you couchlocked.

Helped me doing a long day of traveling.....no anxiety...I was chatty.....laughing....just a overall good mood

This is perfect for me. It actually gets me up and moving while feeling positive. It’s a great daytime smoke.

I don't know. These Jack Herer hybrids always seem to let me down. I found this to be about the same quality as the day to day street mids that I smoke on a regular basis. $50 for an 1/8th of this stuff, or $50 for 1/2 of something that I like just as much? Really not much of a choice.

The wax is really nice. Powerhouse strain

This is the perfect strain for me. It's one I like to always have on hand. Very productive high and pleasent all the way around.

Good strain needs a better name. I think it should be "Stinkfinger." Quick, stinks, and the plant looks like a long finger. Stinkfinger.

Got this in a cartridge, 92%. Stopping cartridges, so glad I got this before I was done with them. Have a high THC tolerance, but also have wicked anxiety, so the higher the THC, the worse the anxiety. This strain takes care of both issues!!

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