Black Jack Marijuana Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain Indica Dominant Hybrid 70% Indica / 30% Sativa

THC: 14% - 24%, CBN: 2%

This indica-dominant hybrid has potentially massive THC levels, upwards of 24%. That makes it a favorite of medical marijuana patients seeking treatment for their stress and chronic pain. Black Jack has a sativa/indica ratio of 30:70, a result of its Black Domina and Jack Herer genetics. To be clear, there are actually two strains called Black Jack, including a second hybrid that descends from Black Domina and a European local known as Jock Horror. The latter strain is known as Blackjack, though it's quite similar to the original Black Jack. CBD levels are low in Black Jack, so this strain isn't recommended for seizure disorder. But it is recommended for use in treating anxiety, depression, and mood disorders, as well as nausea and lack of appetite. The strain can also be helpful in fighting insomnia. The indica genes create a potent, euphoric body high with deep relaxation. This strain also spurs creativity. Dry eyes, dry mouth, and paranoia are the most common side effects. Mars OG tastes like berries, with a sweet flavor and skunky aroma. This strain can be found on the black market, but it's most common in Colorado, Arizona, California, and Michigan.
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Black Jack is everything that is advertised. Was not completely convinced at first, but it creeps up smooth and even. Purchased to help with recovery of breast cancer surgery. Very happy with the choiceđź’—

I smoked a joint of this and it helps make you very relaxed. It's definitely a body high and it helps you sleep. This would be great for anxiety or insomnia, or if you want to relax and watch tv/movie after a long day.

Great strain that reminds me a lot of old-school bud from back in the day.

Ridiculously dense, sticky nugs and a high that will kick your ass.

Black Jack is a good strain to chill at home and watch Netflix. Very relaxing body and smooth cerebral high. Probably I won't smoke this strain for long because of couh locking effect - Krzysztof Ibisz średnio poleca xD

My Black Jack was priced bottom shelf, so keep that in mind. Buds were rock hard with amber hairs and a brownish green color. When the buds were broken apart the scent of pine & citrus was released & lots of clear crystal trichomes could be seen. My Indica strain had 17% THC & at once made me happy/uplifted. Followed by body relaxation. Good bang for the $$

I have high anxiety, this is a great strain

the name made me think it would taste like Jack Herer or jack ace but it taste like a old school sweet brown weed but i did get a buzz not a go to for me

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