Blueberry Space Cake Marijuana Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain Indica Dominant Hybrid 70% Indica / 30% Sativa

Blueberry Space Cake is a rare indica dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the powerful Outer Space with the super tasty Alien Dutchess strain. This hard-to-find-bud packs a super heady high and an insanely delicious flavor that will absolutely leave you begging for more. Blueberry Space Cake comes on with a light tingly effect, lifting your spirits and infusing you with a giggly euphoria that leaves you laughing at anything and everything you see and hear. This lifted tingle will soon spread throughout the rest of your body, leaving you physically relaxed as your mind fades further and further into giddy bliss. Thanks to these effects and its moderately high THC level, Blueberry Space Cake is the perfect choice to treat any patient suffering from conditions such as headaches or migraines, insomnia, nausea, chronic pain, and arthritis. Blueberry Space Cake has an insanely delicious blueberry tropical flavor with hints of mouthwatering citrus on each exhale. The aroma is of sharp citrus and earth with a sweet berry overtone. This bud has rich heavy bluish olive green nugs with fuzzy orange hairs and a coating of bright white sparkling crystal trichomes.
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One of my FAVORITE strains. Very relaxing and full of giggles. I've only seen it once at my local dispensary, which is a shame. Good for nighttime use, pain relief and laughter. If you can't find this, grab some London Space Shuttle which is a cross between Blueberry Space Cake and London Pound Mints.

Consumption Method: OthersEffects I Feel: Giggly, Happy, RelaxingHelp Me With: Chronic Pain, Insomnia

Got an oz from bcbx in Canada for fifty bucks. Best deal ever for some of the best bud. Euphoria and tingles meets a nice body buzz. Smell and flavor were decent too. A nice aaa+ strain for really anytime.

BEST HYBRID EVER. OMG, when I can't get this It's horrible. I buy as much as I can while on sale. Whoever cross pollinated this, we'll done. Perfect balance of brain buzz (Everything is GD Hysterical) and simultaneously your body is loose goosey. KILLS PAIN. WIN ALL AROUND

Very nice, heavy, hard hitting ILHybrid I love to vape in the evenings, or anytime her relaxing, euphoric, cerebral, uplifting yet sedating, pain killing effects are needed. Or just for a great, relaxing time, a euphoric blanket. What's amazing is that how all those sativa's in her genetics, and she came out more indica than most. A rarity in itself. A top shelf cultivar, with both medicinal and recreational uses, try it if you like exotic, rare, top bud. Doesn't get any more exotic than her. Climb inside the blueberry rocket, and hit outer space. 🔥

So...I just so happened to get lucky enough to stumble upon this strain just by chance and I’m so glad that i did. I smoked a Live Budder of this strain at 84.382% thc & no cbd (from Cresco, my very favorite company to buy dabs from). I love any of the berry strains, especially, needless to say, I fell in love after the very first hit. It had a super strong, very sweet blueberry flavor & I thought I could taste just a tiny bit of an earthy/dirt flavor on the exhale. I got a really nice high with pretty decent hybrid effects. For me, it felt like it leaned a little more towards Indica type effects instead of Sativa. However, I did not feel the typical “Couch Lock” that so many different Indica dominant strains can cause. I’d recommend Blueberry Space Cake to all my fellow smokers... it’s a must have! I’ll absolutely buy more of this, if I ever have the chance to get it again. 💚

This bud is a great night time bud. It's very potent, not for the starters. Nice berry taste too that last!

It leaves a sting in my nose when I vape the live resin, but it's a good smelling and tasting sting. It is a night time treat for me, perfect to give to your girl so she... starts giggling lol. Mmmm Blueberry Space Cake is ...stingy lol.

this is not a strain for novice smokers. its blueberry aroma hits you immediately. as a sugar its vapor is full and thick, heavy hitting to full body effects. taste with a blueberry undertone and sweetness from the cake :) one of my favs!

My first ever trial run of any medical relief. One puff and within an hour I felt so heavy, sick, flu like, shakes chills muscle spasm dry mouth 😩 3.5 hours. I’m not going to give up just yet as I hear medical stuff that if I find the right strand will help my cancer pain, migraine anxiety, glaucoma. Maybe just too big of a puff for a 46 yr old weed virgin?

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