Cab Driver Marijuana Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain Indica Dominant Hybrid 75% Indica / 25% Sativa

THC: 15% - 20%

Cab Driver is an indica dominant hybrid strain (75% indica/25% sativa) created through crossing the potent Smelliot X Afghani #1 IBL strains. Ready to take a ride with this crazy cab driver? This bud brings on a wild ride from start to finish, lifting you up before dropping you off a cliff into blissful sedation and ease. You'll feel the cerebral effects first, filling your mind with a lifted sense of euphoria that's accompanied by a touch of calm tranquility. As your mental state reaches new heights, your physical state will slowly start to drop away into a deeply sedative melting body high that has you fully couch-locked and pretty sleepy before you know it. With these effects and its high 15-20% average THC level, Cab Driver is often chosen to treat conditions such as insomnia, depression, chronic stress or anxiety, mood swings and chronic pain. This bud has a classic sour citrusy flavor with a punch of dank herbs and earth upon exhale. The aroma is like an orange orchard after the rain, with touches of fresh earth and spicy herbs to it, too. Cab Driver buds have fat spade-shaped forest green nugs with thin orange hairs and a coating of tiny frosty blue-tinted white crystal trichomes.
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