Cherry Kush Marijuana Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain Indica Dominant Hybrid 70% Indica / 30% Sativa

THC: 17% - 23%

Cherry Kush, also known as Cherry Pie, is an indica-dominant hybrid strain with a sativa/indica ratio of 30:70. That makes for a body high ideal for late nights and insomnia. With THC levels reaching 20%, this is a potent strain with strong medical effects. It's best for treating sleep disorders, migraines, minor body pains, and chronic stress. It's also effective at treating nausea and lack of appetite. CBD levels are much lower, about 0.5%, so this strain isn't recommended for seizure disorders or other conditions that respond to CBD. Cherry Kush is a descendant of OG Kush and a Purple Afghani, both indicas. It's used to treat anxiety, insomnia, and nausea, as well as lack of appetite and chronic pain. The Cherry Kush high is body-focused, with strong couch-lock and deep relaxation. It's strongly euphoric and induces sleep. Side effects include dry mouth, dry eyes, and strong hunger. The buds are bright green and frosted with a dense layer of trichomes. This strain has a sweet, pungent flavor with hints of berry. Cherry Kush is widely popular across the United States, though it's easiest to find in legal markets on the West Coast.
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Just finished smoking some cherry kush. It has a mellow buzz along with some hunger. I love being able to relax after smoking. This strain helps you achieve that.

Thought it was very tasty and relaxing

I got this as a vape pen. A brand called Willie's Reserve. Feels more like a 70% sativa 30% indica. THC- 87.3% , CBD-0.2%. The euphoria was nice at first and started to make me feel a little sleepy. Get in bed and then boom!! It made my mind race like a freaking racehorse!! It kept me up all night! I'm not a deep sleeper as it is. Same thing happened with God's Gift which is also a vape. Both are said to be 'potent'. To me they're not. Sticking to flowers.

High narcotic effect. You'll know you are stoned after 3rd toke.

I love this Indica Dominant strain a lot. At first, I thought I had Cherry OG but upon investigation I found out that I was smoking Cherry Kush, with OG Kush and Purple Afghani for parents. What a beautiful appearance these buds have. The huge ones outnumber the smaller ones. The smaller ones are essential to having a diverse bag of medicine. I give this a five. The buds are super dense. I will try it tomorrow. I will fill you in on effects of Critical Mass.

Cherry Kush is not the same as Cherry pie. They are different strains. They are both wonderful, but they have different parents. Cherry Kush which is this post is OG Kush with Purple Afghani. Cherry pie is GDP and Durban Poison. Both have a staple strain mixed with a Purple. Both are great, but let’s talk about the Kush. Sticky buds with a berry woodsy smell. It smoked very danky with a slight cherry flavor. It’s a great weed flavor. This is where the 2 strains differ. This is a knock out bud. Look forward to about 15 minutes of euphoria and then sleep. It’s a strong sedative buzz. To an experienced smoker it’s a great chill weed. New comers this will put you to bed. Night night🤪

Delicious in oil form. Alas this is not the cherrypie strain. It has parents of gsc and Durban Poison. Cherry kush has a very different taste look and smell and has way more linalool but back notes of gsc which makes for a very flavorfull smoking experience.

This strain right here you hear me this strain right here woooo one of the best of the best! Where do I start wow! Don't get me wrong a hellva strain the strain my brother agree with too right up his alley great for Anxiety, great for chronic pain and glaucoma. Wow it was great to see him moving and grooving again brought tears to my eyes.................I'm sorry great fuckin strain.

do yall ship out to Memphis

Not a very strong bud if you're looking for potency but it has a nice taste and a smooth smoke. It'll leave you with reeeeed eyes after toking though so be ware.

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