Pineapple OG Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid 70% Indica / 30% Sativa

THC: 20% - 26%

This winning pineapple variety is a cross of Pineapple Express and OG Kush, both famed and potent strains. Those genetics are clearly present in this relatively rare medical choice, which creates a mix of cerebral and physical effects. Some sources claim Pineapple OG is sativa-dominant while others say it's indica-dominant. But it appears to have a sativa/indica ratio of 30:70. The high hits both the head and the body, producing a calming physical buzz and distinct cerebral effect that can be helpful in treating anxiety, nausea, insomnia, and everyday stress. In other words, don't set this aside as a treatment for seizure disorders. Pineapple OG, not surprisingly, tastes like sweet pineapples and has a pungent smell of lemon, citrus, and pine. There aren't many reports of adverse effects, but cottonmouth and dry eyes are probably quite common. Unlike other Pineapple and OG strains, Pineapple OG isn't very common. California is a good bet, as is the rest of the West Coast, but elsewhere it's rare.
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First time, not going to be the last. Dude!!!!!!! Tastes amazing and is a perfect combination of S:I. For a moment, I got that “first time I ever smoked moment”. Giggles for no reason , feeling so happy, cooking Chile Verde and homemade tortillas, fresh watermelon agua fresca and in the company of 2 musicians that just want to play. It settled in nicely as relaxing mellow, “this was a great night”, kind of glow. Definitely going to find and follow Wonderbrett. Got it on a whim. Now a Pineapple Princess!! Ha!

Got this in California and the THC is a bit higher at 27.91 and 33.38 cannabinoids Great taste in these smalls and cruised to a sativa high that then headed down on a long road...Very workout Perfect

Yea I have a friend who gave me some pineapple express today. And the taste is fantastic, not to mention you can taste other fruity hues in it, and I have noticed the faint pepper taste exhaling. YOU can definitely feel the euphoric feeling from the sativa side of it, but it let's you down ever so slowly. I give is a 10 all day.!!

Pineapple OG by Wonderbrett is an Indica containing 33% THC!! Buds are packed & fern green with burnt orange pistils & cloudy crystal trichomes. Sweet, tangy, spicy, & pineapple are the scents & flavors. The highest level THC I ever had gave me a happy relaxation before turning into a couch locked body sedation. It is said to be a West Coast strain & I got mine in Los Angeles. Lineage is Sour Grape & OG Kush. Happy Sedation.....

Great strain. First tried it within a year and it's very potent. Very flavorful strain. To me I didn't taste pineapples I taste a sweet melon/citrus burst smell/taste. Gran some asap

I'm bipolar, and can't tolerate indica too well as it makes me gloomy and depressed. This strain uplifts my mood and relaxes without that dopey draggy indica feeling.

Stuff tastes like the original Mt. Dew I remember as a kid. And it really is good for your innards... (mind and body).

This Is A Review For Pineapple Tonic,A CBD 2:1 Cross Of Pineapple OG And Cannatonic. Very Mellow,Relaxing And Pain Relieving. Has A Sage And Sweet Fruit Taste. This Fine Hybrid Was Grown By State Flower Cannabis (NV) & Purchased In Las Vegas At The Apothecarium

Very nice! Would recommend

Wow, just tried this for the first time and I must say it everything described and more. The taste is sweet and smooth, the effect is instant and the length of overall treatment is for hours to say the least... Grade A

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