Star Killer #17 Marijuana Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain Indica Dominant Hybrid 70% Indica / 30% Sativa

THC: 26%

Star Killer #17, or simply “Starkiller,” is a rare indica dominant hybrid (70% indica/30% sativa) strain created through a cross of the infamous Skywalker OG X Rare Dankness #2. And with its powerful THC level that bottoms out at 26% and heavy indica effects, you'll soon learn how it gets its name after just one toke. The Star Killer #17 high is very uplifted and euphoric at the onset, drawing your mind and your mood into a happy state that is still somehow relaxing and calming. You'll be euphoric, but without the added sense of energy that can sometimes come with a slight sativa influence in a hybrid. As this sense of calm builds and builds, it will slowly spread throughout the rest of your body, leaving you slightly sedated and sleepy but completely at ease. Because of these effects, Star Killer #17 is recommended for treating experienced users who suffer from chronic pain, depression, insomnia, and inflammation. This bud has hugely oversized heart-shaped forest green nugs with bright orange hairs and a frosty coating of tiny milky white crystal trichomes. The flavor and aroma of Star Killer #17 are very similar, packing a sweet yet pungent lemony kush taste and smell that's accented perfectly by herbs and earth.
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I’m not a indica fan. I love sativas the most. Though that being said, this indica has its uses. Great for pain and wonderful for insomnia. I smoke this and I get a bit chatty to begin with, though give it a half hour and couch lock sets in, along with a cloudy head. 45 minutes after smoking and all I can think about is the pillow. Back spasms are diminished too. Good shat. 😎🌱💨

Picked up an 1/8 of Star Killer for the first time. I'm a Indica-dominant user and lover. Star Killer is a nice high which I'm using before bed. I love weed with THCA/THC percentages over 20%; Star Killer's 25% is just fine for me. My goal is to rid myself of only for a few hours the pain in my lower back. Been smoking the sweet leaf long time; so I need good weed to have any chance of medicating the pain. As far as taste; well after 48 years of smoking weed "taste" is the least of my concerns. And quite frankly besides odor and smelling the stench that only good weed has; I could give a rat's ass how the weed "tastes". Does it get me high? That's all that matters to Dr. Nick. Enjoy.

I found this description to be lacking only by the fact that the greatest effect I found beyond what is listed is that it works best of any blend I've tried to increase libido as a prelude to sex for both men and women, as least in vape format.

That Top Description is Pretty accurate and the taste and under high really good AAAA Stuff 144$ Online

This is the first time I have ever seen this strain in my area and I have to say I am really enjoying it. First, the nugs are huge and a cool olive green color with bright orange hairs. It's good looking. Two, it's really tasty. Upon exhale you get a burst of lemony Kush that tastes just like it smells only stronger. The high is nice just don't over do it. 3 hits made me a little anxious. 2 was nice. It's a heavy Indica high but more body than head which is interesting. I really like this strain. I hope I see it more often.

Very accurately described in the product review and my new night time favorite.

The strain name on my 1/8 label is Star Killer OG. Great flavor and relaxing effects. I mainly used it during the evening hours.

I have degenerative disc disease. I have a fusion in my neck and an extruded disc in my lower back. I use Starkiller as a sleep aid primarily. I like it because of the strong body effects but lighter head effects. I make my own cannabis coconut oil. On nights when my symptoms are bad I can take a dose of Starkiller a couple of hours before bed. As the medication takes effect there is not an extreme head high, just a gradual building of the body effects. Essentially it is like someone turning the volume knob down to where eventually there is nothing. Starkiller is an appropriate moniker because once you dose with it you will not see the stars that night. As an added bonus, being an old guy I find I rarely have to get up to pee using Starkiller. In the morning my pain is minimal and I don't have a cannabis "hangover" ie; I don't feel stoned. Really good medication.

One of the hardest strains to smoke back to back to BACK - it's just that good and potent !

Star Killer # 17 is fantastic for treating my PTSD with anti anxiety (and helping to changing thinking, etc.). I used some from NETA here in Massachusetts last year. When I told them it was the best strain they had, mostly because of it's strength (I've been self medicating for over 35 years and we build up a tolerance and need stronger strains) they pulled it from the shelves because I said I didn't need to buy as much of it as the Walker Kush (for PTSD). I have resented them ever since for doing that, hence, I cannot find a supply of it. Where can I purchase this strain?????? Raine of Watch City (Waltham, MA)

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