Afghani CBD Marijuana Strain

Indica Strain Indica

THC: 6% - 8%, CBD: 7%

Afghani CBD is a 100% pure indica strain created as a high CBD descendant of the infamous Afghani Landrace strain. This dank bud boasts a low average THC level that ranges from 6-8% and a CBD level that ranges from 2-7% on average, although it has been shown to have up to 8% in some varieties. Users describe the Afghani CBD high as having an almost immediate uplifted, happy, and energetic head high that provides significant mental pain relief as well as blissful euphoria. This is accompanied by a mellow, relaxing body buzz that starts in the neck and slowly spreads throughout the body. You'll feel at ease and pain-free without heavy sedative effects typical of an indica strain. Due to the potent effects and high CBD level of this strain, Afghani CBD is said to be ideal for treating patients suffering from conditions such as ADHD, anxiety, fatigue, inflammation, and chronic pain due to illness or injury. Afghani CBD has a notable aroma typical of an Afghani Landrace of earthy blue cheese and a taste of earthy blueberry grape with a hint of creamy cheese upon exhale. These buds have small, round bright forest green fluffy nugs with rich gold undertones, almost translucent amber hair, and a visible layer of sticky sweet resin.
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Very impressed , I have RA n almost forgot I had it for an evening

I found the pain relief exceptional and it is easy to get to sleep with. I guess there's some variation.

The pain relief was exceptional and easy to get to sleep. I guess there's some variation.

I would give this strain a 5/5, but the CBD level is not where I'd like it to be.

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