Hogs Breath Marijuana Strain


THC: 23%

Hogs Breath, AKA "The Hog," is a 100% pure indica strain that's infamous within the cannabis community for winning the top honors for Best Indica in the 2002 Cannabis Cup despite it's pungent wet dog smell. This Hindu Kush X Afghani cross features a mild 10-13% THC level on average. Upon smoking this strain, patients report the high as giving them an immediate onset of a warm, full-body buzz without the fatigue that typically follows. Cerebral clarity and an overwhelming feeling of well-being and stimulated creativity typically follow this. Because of this, its ideal for treating pain relief without a harsh come-down or crash and sleeplessness. This medication is also commonly used to treat depression due to its potent effects of mind relief. With a fruity skunk taste and a pungent wet dog smell, this strain is not for the novice user – rather, it's an acquired taste. Hogs Breath nugs are a light minty green and very dense with thin orange hairs and a blanket of crystals.
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I have a high tolerance and this does the trick

This strain gots its start back in the 90's and first came out of Oceanside, Ca. It stokes me out to hear it won the 2002 Cannibus Cup because not only is it super deserving but it was one thing my friend Jim ""Hogger"" Gonzalez would've been really proud of. The greatest thing about the hogs is that it's still around because people have loved that strain ever since Jim created the first strains of it all those years ago. Hopefully he's on heaven or wherever his happy place may be with any endless bag of his awesome creation. Sincerely, Yancy H

I smoked this strain in February, 2003, it was Valentine's Day. My wife of 16 years was living in North Park CA, we had just met in Dec 2002, and this was the first time I flew to SD to meet her. We smoked a bowl of Hog's breath, and ended up dancing down Wightman ST., kissing in the rain. If, you find this strain, buy some, it's fantastic.

Awesome bud, Carmel toffee taste, quick head buzz but relaxing with who gives a fuck of what goes beyond us then total body buz like Valium ,great sleep, a must while it lasts

Excellent strain, awesome taste, like burnt butterscotch and toffee, buzz comes on strong and keeps coming, recommend for night, cuz when you come down goodnight, best sleep I ever had, enjoy, resdogs 29

Hawgsbreath is the finest Indica I have ever smoked. The body and head high is very sweet!

LOVE LOVE LOVE I tried an insane amount of cannabis ~ LIKE OUNCES trying different thises & that's for a fun, this is what it should feel like, high!!!!! Relaxing without putting you on the couch. I EVEN GOT A SEED. NOW to see if I can grow it!

Great clear head and smooth body high

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