Bruce Banner #3 Marijuana Strain

Sativa Dominant Hybrid Strain Sativa Dominant Hybrid 80% Sativa / 20% Indica

THC: 23% - 29%

Bruce Banner #3 is one of three phenotypes of the infamous "Bruce Banner" strain created by Delta 9 Labs. This potent bud has been named to High Times' "Earth's Strongest Strains" lists for the past two years and is a cross of the hugely popular OG Kush X Strawberry Diesel strains. The OG Kush used in the breeding of Bruce Banner #3 is said to have been created by the infamous "Ghost," possibly accounting for its high level of potency. This bud is a sativa dominant hybrid (80% sativa/20% indica) and boasts a 23-29% THC level on average, making it the most potent strain ever tested at the Cannabis Cup. Users describe the high as a quick onset of an immediate euphoric boost with a warming tingle in the eyes and face before easing into a creative and relaxing body buzz that feels light and floating. Because of these effects, this strain is ideal for treating patients with depression, anxiety, and painful muscle tension. Bruce Banner #3 has dark green, spade-shaped buds with touches of minty green and purple undertones. Its nugs are covered in long, thin amber hairs and a cakey layer of white crystal trichomes and sticky sweet resin. This Bruce Banner strain has a sweet fruity ginger aroma with touches of diesel, and a sweet spicy fruit taste with a delicate diesel aftertaste.
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so Bruce Banner #3 so i got this in wax tested at 90% thc. from a MMJ Having smoked Bruce Banner before in leaf and cartridge i was excited to try this. I took a good size hit and it was a burst of euphoria like i haven't experienced in a minute and im a regular smoker. great for ADHD and helped me focus a lot. Creative Energetic and overall sense of well being that lasted 1:30-2:00 hrs. the taste was great in wax could taste berry in it very nice. im a regular smoker and this landed me pretty good..

Finally, I have purchased some Bruce Banner #3 that has been grown and cured to perfection. Seriously, my cannabis loving friends, I purchased this in Rainer Oregon, grown by Membership Farms, Inc. and it comes in at a whopping 31.9% THC, but it is the effect of this gorgeous bud that is second to none. Yes, it is way fucking potent, but it isn't just the THC level, this betty packs one helluva entourage effect that takes it much farther than just a THC high. Two hits and three new songs written on the guitar later, I was impressed, way impressed. I do not find bud that hits this hard and pleasant very often and that puts it at the top of my every changing list of fav strains, well, at least this batch of buds. We will have to wait and see if another grower can duplicate this rare gem the Creator put in my path. PEACE, LOVE, AND LIGHT TO YOU ALL

I think the shop I bought this from wasn't that good, it was in a coffeeshop of amsterdam, I overhyped this strain a lil bit perhaps, I was expecting something funky, very different from what I've been experienced before, but it turned to be the same smell I smelled on plenty of strains, with earthy sweet notes,but there was something fresh and pungent at the same time guss that was the diesel aroma. The effects weren't loud at first, and around 10 or 20 minutes later my perceptions disformed, I was having a smooth headbuzz which later went down in the body and I was stuck in da couch.

I finally purchased some Banner #3 MMJ. I like the strain very much. It is mostly Sativa but almost seems like an Indica Strain. Anyway, I give Banner #3 a full five stars. I must add that the smell is strong. Berry, diesel and earthen odors are prevalent with Banner #3, It seems that as I get used to Banner #3, I like it more.

This stuff lasts a long time. Took about 4 drags off this joint of BB3 and was well stoned for about 2 hours with a nice come down that honestly lasts for a good 1 to 2 hours later. So really mind your dosage even if you're a daily smoker with a tolerance. It wont do you any good to smoke more than you need to off this strain. The high is borderline overwhelming at first but about 45 minutes later kindve morphs you from this imho very introspective space in your head, to an extremely relaxing body high. I'm only giving this a 4 out of 5 because the first 30 to 45 minutes were almost too intense cerebrally. The remaining 2 hours of the body high was worth it though

I had lighting issues so mine all seeded out. however it was still super strong and im pumped because I now have a crap ton of seeds

BB#3 is worth trying for the buzz alone. It’s a major pain killer that will keep you focused and alert. For me the buzz numbed my body. That alone was enough for me. I’m not in love with the flavor, not that it’s bad, but it wasn’t special. 🤪

We have this in Maryland for medical now. BB is def. one of the best around. Nothing is ever going to keep BB down.

Fantastic!! Does all it promises and then some . Very easily in my top 3 go to morning strains. Tasty, pleasant, excellent at helping me control PTSD symptoms, anxiety & gives a nice boost of pain alleviation as well. Definitely gets the Bluebird of Happiness to visit too, lol. Smooth, long lasting high effects all around. For sure if you see this, try it!! A poweful strain that you'll want to add to your morning go-to strains.

My #1 Fave everything about it keeps my inner monster levels are high, and my chronic pain is of no concern....simply put with BB at my side, sh$t gets done!!!!

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