forum cookies Strain

Sativa Dominant Hybrid 75% Sativa / 25% Indica

THC: 28%

Forum Cookies is a phenotype of the infamous Girl Scout Cookies strain, an indica dominant hybrid (60% indica/40% sativa) strain created through a cross of the infamous Durban Poison X Cherry Kush strains. This bud gets its name from the forum where it originated – – and has a sativa dominance (75% sativa/25% indica). Even with its rarity, Forum Cookies is a great choice for anyone who loves a classic GSC high but with a sativa twist. The high starts with a happy lift that leaves you feeling euphoric with your mind washed in deep introspection. As you start to fall deeper and deeper into the recesses of your own thoughts, a heavy stone will creep over you, leaving you unable to focus really on anything other than the bright visions running through your mind. With these effects and its high 17-28% average THC level, Forum Cookies is the perfect choice for treating patients suffering from conditions such as mood swings, chronic stress or anxiety, and glaucoma. This bud has lumpy forest green nugs with dark amber hairs and a coating of super tiny amber colored crystal trichomes decorating each leaf. The aromas and flavors of Forum Cookies are much like the OG GSC, with hints of pungent skunky nuttiness and sweet spices.
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Really great lift. Smoke smooth as silk. Really feelin it behind the eyes and above my ears. This is probably my favorite micro dose strain. Just enough to stay lifted yet productive.

A grower needs exactly none of the ingirmation contained in this "review" it snacks of wirthless High Times Style puffers porn. Hiw dues it grow? What specific needs does it have? What is the flowering time? Get professional.

Flavorful it’s got that power that you know you can conquer whatever is setting you back

Really bomb cookies. Very chocolaty, and little minty. Sometimes they taste like chocolate ice-cream, with a cookie dough undertone. World class cannabis. Famously low producer though. Still if you get your hands on a cut of Forum cut Gsc your a lucky man or woman. Killer 1-2 punch head-body combo. Must try if over 23% THC and pretty.

This shit blows minds. In addition to three other strains -- Narnia, Headband, Northern Berry -- I picked up an 1/8th of "Forum Cut Cookies" at High Desert Cannabis in Pendleton, OR, on the way to three days of Phish at the Gorge. They marked it as only 17.8% THC, 0% CBD. As you might imagine, there were a LOT of pot strains and other tasties making their way around and through the festival, but among the crowd I hung with, nothing took people deeper than the Forum Cut. Smoke enough of this stuff and you may even get visuals like I did. BEAUTIFUL buds. AMAZING high. This stuff is, as Richard Evan Schultes might say, a "plant of the gods." I liked it so much I bought a full ounce on the way home. PS: Northern Berry deserves some props, too.

Must try if ur a fan of girl scout cookies!!

Picked up a half of the Forum Cookies at Pals Collective in Bishop, Ca. Not an especially delicious tasting strain, but WOW a very fine high ! Super dense dark green popcorn nugs and a dank ass smell that reminds me of wet tree bark if that makes sense lol ! If you find this strain, buy all you can get because this shit is precious.

Relief is a wonderful thang...Amen

Also makes very flavorful concentrates

I picked up 3.5g of this, grown by Green Chief Co. (WA), harvested on 12/22/2016 and consumed on 2/11/2017. There are no notes about how it was grown or any pesticides used. Forum Cookies is an indica dominant phenotype of the famous Girl Scout Cookies strain. The buds on this strain were big, fluffy, and covered in crystals. The aroma is sweet and sour, while the taste starts with a strong cherry note before easing out to a subtle earthiness. The high is euphoric, giggly, and relaxed - but too high of a dose can put you to sleep, so consume wisely.

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