Lavender Jones Marijuana Strain

Sativa Dominant Hybrid Strain Sativa Dominant Hybrid 60% Sativa / 40% Indica

THC: 14% - 17%

Lavender Jones, also referred to as “Purple Jones” by many members of the cannabis community, is a sativa dominant hybrid (60% sativa/40% indica) strain created through a cross of the insanely popular Purple Urkle X Casey Jones strains. This bud is infamous for its beautiful appearance and deliciously potent effects that are complemented by a moderate average THC level between 14-17%. Lavender Jones has a deeply relaxing onset typical of a heavily indica hybrid strain that leaves you completely relaxed in both mind and body. As the high builds, you'll fall into an introspective yet hazy and dreamy state that relieves your mind of any racing thoughts or anxiety. Although this cerebral high leaves you spacey, you won't become overly sedated or couch-locked while smoking this bud. Because of these effects, Lavender Jones is perfect for treating chronic pain, inflammation, chronic stress, and muscle spasms. These buds have an insanely delicious aroma typical of Purple genetics, with a sweet floral haze and a hint of delicious grape. The taste of this bud is just as sweet, with a floral grapey flavor that has a hint of fragrant fruit upon exhale. Lavender Jones buds have long tapered pepper-shaped dark forest green nugs with fiery orange hairs and chunky white trichomes.
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Lavender Jones never fails to disappoint. The effects take about 10-15 minutes to really hit you. You'll feel a calming relaxing high that leaves you a little heady while melting away any stress and anxiety. A sense of happiness engulfs and rings through your head. Muscle aches will fade and you may have a spur of creativity or desire to accomplish some minor task. There is no feelings of couch lock, but you might find yourself just kicking back, listening to some tunes and enjoying the high.

Consumption Method: JointsEffects I Feel: Calming, Cerebral, CreativeHelp Me With: Anxiety, Muscle Spasms, StressAromas: Dank, EarthyFlavors: Dank, Lavender, Pine

Just picked up a OZ of Lavender Jones From horizon medical dispensary in Lakewood co for 60$ OTD And it's pure Bliss It hit me straight up Stoned like a Bad Iraqi girl

Found this strain a few years ago and when I see it I get it every time!! I have high anxiety and this one levels me down. Makes me euphoric and positive.

Surprised by this one, very smooth fully functional effects, taste great, a good sunny afternoon smoke.

Great with (or without) coffee ☕ No brain fog, muscle aches and pains are gone, stiffness gone (after the morning walk) AND I'm ready to get up and meet the challenges of the day. Kuddos to the GENIUS that put these two strains together to make this delightful hybrid. Big beautiful buds with purple, orange and deep green. Love it, I want some more!

Its a great strain. The best part about it is you wake up feeling so refreshed in few hours of sleep. Loved it.

Awesome strain!! Great for relaxing!!

You don't need much for this stuff to kick. Crush it up into extra-small portions and take a little sip. Anything more will choke you into coughing it up and wasting it.

It’s fantastic!! Just the right amount of everything. I would recommend it for sure.

I loved the look, how it broke down & especially how it smokes as I exhaled it was very favorable of sweet yet even spicy floral grape taste & scent seems like it could benefit from stress & nerve pain. Definitely a good choice.

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