Panama Red Strain


THC: 10% - 16%

You don't have to be a stoner or medical marijuana patient to recognize the words "Panama Red." This truly old-school strain rose to prominence in the late 1960s thanks to its alluring name and pure sativa effects (sativa/indica ratio of 100:0). They include a distinctly cerebral high that comes with euphoria, relaxation, happiness, and sociability. This makes Panama Red an effective medication for anxiety, ADHD, migraine headaches, and mood disorders. Though strong by hippie standards, Panama Red no longer ranks in the top tier when it comes to THC: Levels range from 10% to roughly 16% in available tests. And it definitely isn't known for its CBD content, so it probably shouldn't be used as the only means of treating seizures or other health conditions that respond to CBD. The buds are light green and dusted with crystals, while the smell and flavor of this strain are pungent, earthy, and woody. Dry eyes, dry mouth, and headaches are the most commonly reported adverse effects of Panama Red, though limited paranoia is also possible. This strain's popularity isn't what it once was: It can be found now mostly in Washington, Oregon, and Northern California.
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Got a bag at Takoma Wellness Center in D.C. by Alternative Solutions and it smells amazing and the cerebral high is even better. I can get all kinds of work done with extra energy but no anxiety. This batch comes in at 31%!! It's definitely worth the wait!

Smoke the red,goes straight to the head!i picked up a sack of this classic a few weeks ago at my local dispensary.coming in at 17%thc.very uplifting ,energetic.real good for that morning smoke to get your day started on a good note or for a second wind of energy in the afternoon.

laughed my ass off !!!

Classic buzz, love that it is all sativa and not unrealistic THC levels.

I found this at 1 of my favorite dispensaries (growers for over 40 years, a 3 generation family in the business; they grew the real deal) and what a fun high along with a trip 😎 down memory lane. First; THC content isn't the only area to look at when it comes to getting great quality bud that will get you blazed. Terpene profiles, trychomes, and lineage are a few other factors in your marijuana desires. This is a euphoric, uplifting high that helps with CNS pain, back pain, and helps relieve nausea, or upset stomach. I love it as my wake and bake. It's stony, cloud clearing, happy to giggly, focused, and stress/depression reducing is present. The Panama Red that I'm smoking and enjoying so much comes in at 13.32% THC, 0.05 CBD. I'm a heavy marijuana user who suffers with MS, Hyperthyroidism, severe disc degeneration and degenerative arthritis. I've been sick and in constant pain for 23 years....and counting. This awesome strain gets me very high and into my happy place. Don't walk past a landrace becaus of THC %. Buy it and enjoy the pain and worry relieving fun high of this and try the Acapulco Gold too.

Another great landrace strain from the late 60's- late 70's. Everyone wanted the " Red "!! Actually most of the real red that was around was Colombian Red from Santa Marta, not Panamanian. But at that point, it didn't matter anymore!! One of the greatest of all time. It was called Red, because much of the time its color actually was light brownish red. Other times it would be different greenish and brown hues of light mahogany. Always a strong satisfying spacey and deep fun high, But not as uppy as the gold, more drowsy and knockout. Spicey taste and aroma Famous for producing bloodshot eyes, and some very serious cases of the munchies. I miss it dearly!! Highest rating

Here in NH, Panama Red from the ATC is even better. 19% THC and no adverse effects at all for me, just all the flavors, aromas and positive effects you listed above. I haven't seen Red since I lived in CO in 1971. He's all grown up now and still has his sparkling personality.

Best ever had in High School, boost of emergy, uplofotng, and constantly pleasant without delay or wavering.

Overall good review and description of the strain, I don't remember it being light green though. I'll bet it has a lot to do with the way they dryed and cured it. It was more a deep brownish red with some gold in it Smoked this in the late 60's - 72 Great Smoke than the Columbian and cheep Mexican started to flood the market. I was lucky to find some feminised from a good source in Jan 2017 First grow first super crop first scrog topped than fimmed than super cropped let grow under 2"x2" scrog net for 2 more weeks. 2 months seed to day 1 flower one plant has filled a 3'x3' tent all most completely she is now 5" above the net and She has 8 weeks to go. The plant excuse me this bush looks amazing. I hope she turns out like I remember. A long flowering strain such as Pam would most likely require a long curing time to bring out all that she has to offer. Sort of like drinking wine be for its time.

Smoked this once in college, 1971. It was hard to find. Good time. Mellow.

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