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160 Washington St , Brookline, MA, 02445

The foundation of the NETA team rests upon our deep experience in medical marijuana cultivation, product development, patient education & policy advocacy. Everything we do at NETA is for the benefit of a singular cause: patient wellness. Through extensive training & education, our personable, friendly & knowledgeable dispensary staff is here to provide the best in patient care. In addition to patients, NETA now serves all adults ages 21 years & over. We are proud to share the NETA experience with everyone & welcome you to come on by! Adult Use Purchases: Marijuana Products are subject to various taxes combining to taxes of 20%.


The foundation of the NETA team rests upon our deep experience in medical marijuana cultivation, product development, patient education & policy advocacy. Everything we do at NETA is for the benefit of a singular cause: patient wellness. Through extensive training & education, our personable, friendly & knowledgeable dispensary staff is here to provide the best in patient care. In addition to patients, NETA now serves all adults ages 21 years & over. We are proud to share the NETA experience with everyone & welcome you to come on by! Adult Use Purchases: Marijuana Products are subject to various taxes combining to taxes of 20%.

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10:00 am - 10:00 pm
10:00 am - 10:00 pm
10:00 am - 10:00 pm
10:00 am - 10:00 pm
10:00 am - 10:00 pm
9:00 am - 10:00 pm
9:00 am - 10:00 pm

07-08-19: New vape strain alert - Black Lime & Grapefruit Romulan! Now available in 500mg ultra pure #distillate based APEX cartridges!
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06-24-19: You can now Reserve Ahead 24/7! Orders placed during store hours are same day pickup, orders placed after 9 PM are for next day pickup.
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Brookline , MA

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Receive $49 off a $50 purchase when you visit NETA for the first time.
Brookline , MA
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Went on a Saturday afternoon for my first time. A bit busy, and a wait but it was expected and life goes on. Phenomenal wax!

I LOVE NETA!!💗💗 I've been here a few times. Staff are friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. I look forward to going monthly. Elaine is very professional yet friendly. I've heard 1 negative remark and I don't care because it's well worth my time. Thank you NETA. It's a little pricey but in my experience most places are.

.....,,, ... ..

I've been there more than a few times, it's always pleasant, I got one of those new Apex One cartridges last week, it's great.

Excellent care~ Namaste

neta brookline cant be touched ive been to all 15 dispensarys and none come even close to these guys most of them only have flower thats it maybe a vape pen but thats it...they sucked to be honest!!!!

This place is my favorite by far. Ava is my girl! Ill b there tmmrrw

Great staff and medicine

Staff is great, strains don't change very often!

The Best so far in MA that I visit. Very high standards. Blue Dream and Grape God in PURE cartridges. Fresh' look and smell for yourself' Flower, and Chocolate bar edibles that are good tasting and effective. And Flo !...with the anticipation of Northern Lights.They give out free samples now and then too. The staff are A++ in knowledge and suggestions and I never feel rushed there. More bargain sales and lower prices will be helpful and they need to add a Rick Simpson made oil to their list(sorry," something like it" is not the same as Exactly made like it. It's about time dontcha think ! ). The place itself is superb. It is worth going out of your way to go here. 4 and 1/2 Stars.

Staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. Quality is very good! Oh and the irony of an old bank vault holding weed is not lost on me!!

Best bud ever smoke in a long time datway

Same old strains... pbk was the best strain they had and it's never in the rotation. Flower quality is decent, I give it the "looks can be deceiving" award. Nice to have it weighed out in front you though and the staff is fine.

Dispensary Response: Hi Trudat, Thank you for writing this review. We are sorry to hear you are unhappy with our strain selection. You'll find that we tend to have some consistent strains on the daily menu, as well as several rotating strains. We change strains based on inventory, and are continually working to place them back on the menu. We want to assure there is something for every patient who visits NETA, and what was effective for one patient may be different for another. We encourage patients to try similar strains to broaden their own selection. Should you purchase a strain that does not work best for you, you are more than welcome to come back to the dispensary, where we can either exchange the products for something else or issue a credit to your account. Right now, there are about 30 strains in our rotation - our focus is to make these as available as possible for our many patients. When Massachusetts revises its laws regarding genetic introduction, look to see some new varieties hitting our shelves. Until then, we do hope you have found a few strains that work well for you and would be happy to go over our menu with you on your next visit if you would like to discuss other options. Regarding Platinum Bubba Kush (PBK), we might not see this strain for a while, but stay tuned for a handful of new heavy hitting indicas that should be similar to PBK in the near future.

My fiancé and I had a wowonderful experience; he is my caregiver and we wanted to see what a Boston storefront dispensary looked like. The signup was semi quick and very easy (keep your id out!) and the staff is uber helpful and pleasant to deal with. The menu is so cool: strains are fire with other concentrates and edibles. I wanted to try the vape pen, but it is super expensive. Hopefully this place will be affordable soon! Totally going back anyway!!!

Wow, NETA is pretty. Gorgeous building, very informative and friendly staff. Loved the first time buyer discount. They're also the only dispensary I've found that sells shake, which I use to make my own edibles with. Indica chews are perfect for insomnia and getting calm when you're anxious. Can't wait to go back!

Great strain specific selections. Especially with tinctures and edibles. Strain specific is hard to find. Very nice, professional, and knowledgeable staff. Kind of a pain to get to from where I'm located, and a little pricey, but the quality and selection makes up for that. Will be back.

What a quality! I realized how crappy some other dispensaries are compared to NETA. Buds are perfectly cured full of crystals, not to mention that they know the difference between white and amber crystals. Tangerine Haze (my absolute favorite, with its fruity smell and taste -- which is a Sativa by the way), GSC, and Ghost Train Haze is usually what I pick up. I did see some difference in consistency with each batch but that was to be expected. One downside is that I have to travel all the way to Brookline to get my medication, wish they had a delivery service. However, I do love walking into the lovely bank.

Best of the best. It gets busy so if you can get there early in the week you're golden. Nice and friendly staff. BIG ASS menu. Plenty of flavors for all. Amnesia Haze, Durban Poison, Facewreck, Moonshine Haze and Walker Kush are all amazing.

NETA has nailed it in customer service! I'm an older smoker with experience but MM is a whole new world. NETA has been there to answer my questions, and provide exception information on all their marijuana products. They even compensated me on a flower issue I had ( my bad, not theirs)! I've been to all the Boston storefront dispensarys and always come back to NETA. Looking forward to more products and will continue to refer new MM patients there!

This place is very repetitive the same flower for months now...

Dispensary Response: Hi ElDominicano420 - Thank you for taking the time to write this review. Right now, NETA has approximately 30 strains in our cultivation rotation. The majority of our feedback has been requests for us to have more of what we are already making available, so we do focus on satisfying those. In addition, as cultivation of new genetics in MA is required to begin from seed, too much uncertainty would be introduced into our system if we were to continually change strains. With care, The NETA Team

neta is the only place to go the shatter is really nice the sweet tooth shatter is so tasty so i tried the facewreck was just awesome the people that work over at neta always so nice you guys are great thank you for everything mike d

Excellent service and very helpful staff.

Decent flower. 1/4oz limit is rediculous and keeps the pricing at $400 an ounce which makes Neta the most expensive dispensary. The fake weed odor they pump throughout the store is strange as well. There are much better options available. Sorry my review wasn't constructive enough for the team at neta... there is another rmd that's running the same rare dankness genetics and producing a much better product. I won't be returning to the frat house neta calls an rmd. $100 quarter equals $400 an ounce neta. Seems like basic math. And maybe it's a real weed smell that's pumped through the building.

Dispensary Response: Hi Notjustanotherusername - We read all of our reviews, emails and honestly want to work with all of our patients to give them access to the medicine that they need. NETA makes every attempt to constructively respond to all patient inquiries and comments. However, your false statement about pricing and weird assertion about "fake weed odor" (nonsense) show that this was not a truly constructive review.

price way to high.

Dispensary Response: Thanks for taking the time to write a review. At NETA, we monitor prices statewide and are in line with other RMD's in Massachusetts. NETA is a licensed, taxed, regulated, brick and mortar business, whose friendly, knowledgeable staff provisions a wide variety of tested therapies in a safe environment. The expense associated with this is significant and believe that the modest premium that is required over that which a street dealer may charge is more than justified. - The NETA Team

This place is pretty good, minus the wait. Tip: Go on a quiet day... and use the express form.

Great dispensary, really good quality products and super nice staff. Unfortunate about the flower limits but it is understandable. A bit pricey but overall a good dispensary.

Absolutely love this place. Everyone is friendly, it is run so professionally. They just added an Express option so you don't have to wait in line. If you choose to wait in line, everyone at the counter is so helpful and knowledgeable. I recently went with a 1st time patient and they answered all of her questions. And when you bring someone as a referral, you and that person get a free $49 to spend! I have already brought 2 people! Their shatter is top-notch, so tasty. And their nugget bars are delicious and do a great job. Recently tried their 5mg gummy chews and they taste great and work excellent. Tip - lunch time is usually busy, but not too bad. I have never been on a Saturday but I would imagine the line is bananas.

Highest quality with best consistency. Staff is amazing, friendly and helpful. I think their prices are completely acceptable, and they also have certain discounts and gave no problem applying more if you qualify. Also their shatter is the best in the state. Hands down no question, and now the have wax too?! They really stepped it up this past week adding a handful of strains for both shatter and their new wax product and expanding the 1g concentrate limit to FIVE.

NETA is awsome, BUT had a bad experience using the express. Waited for ever as ppl passed me and my bf in line!! Also, they dont way ur order infront of you in express. Better off waiting in line for real.

Dispensary Response: Hi there, thanks for the feedback. We are sorry to hear that the Express line didn't work out so well for you. Typically, using this service will expedite your order by a wide margin. It's true that we our staff does not weigh Express orders in front of every patient - this is one of the methods used to keep this service as quick as possible. If you do want to see and smell the flower beforehand, we suggest using the regular line, as you mention. Thanks

this place is awesome best meds all there stuff is top shelf its more money then what I get from caregiver but way better flowers shatter and I have to tell you the staff are all great people I mean always extra nice and are willing to help with just about anything I had a small run in with a young lady there she was just a little rude but its still over 100 percent greatness theres a few people that I know by name from going in but that's not fair for me to name them cause everyone there are awesome and I want to thank them all keep it up neta peace mike d

The best shop around ... the environment was awesome.. once I walked and heard music playing and the staff walking around and interacting with everyone , it was pretty cool didnt feel like the other places where u can here crickets chriping

Better menu then other shops nearly ! And cheaper

While the staff is still great I feel this place is slowly going down hill. Twice now I haven't received change back after paying with cash and once the amount wasn't correct. Now I fully understand the need for limits on some things but now it's literally just about every item. Maybe I'm in the minority here but I would much rather see out of stock on the menu than having to drive, find the time to go, sit in line forever, just to have to come back in a week or less! Not to mention if your using your debit card not only do you pay a fee but they also round it up as well! In a month I've had to go here 5 different times because off limits and you know what.....Paid OVER $20 just in atm fees and their "rounding" fee! Biggest piece of advice I can give someone coming here is BRING CASH and make sure you get your change and that it's actually the correct change. I realize this review isn't going to be popular but it's the truth and my honest opinion!

Dispensary Response: Mr/Ms. Mahogdogg- We would like to address your concerns. First: Incorrect change. Certainly, if this happened it would be attributable to simple human error on the PSA's part. In the event of a mistake like this, please feel free to inform either the PSA or a NETA manager and we will be sure to make correct change for your order. Regarding limits: Any limits on infused products are temporary and will likely be a thing of the past before too long. Source material for these products is in ample supply. Ramping up production and getting samples through testing are fairly heavy lifts and we are working to put ourselves ahead of that curve. As to the cashless ATM: The medical marijuana space is woefully undeserved by the financial services sector. The fact that NETA has a bank account and can process cashless transactions is atypical. However, these solutions are not perfect. We pay steep fees to bank and cannot access the usual merchant accounts that provide traditional credit card processing. Therefore, we must utilize the cashless ATM system. The provider of this service requires that transactions be made in $5 dollar increments. Though we do round the total up in some instances, patients receive the difference in cash from the PSA at the end of the transaction. In no instance does NETA retain those funds. The service provider does charge a fee to the customer and our PSA's are instructed to make this clear to all patients. We do recommend that patients bring cash if they would like to save those few dollars.

Two strains are something to write about Flo OG, and PBK. That's just my opinion, everyone has one. When I was a kid I didn't want to take medicine because it tasted bad, now as an adult I feel exactly the same way. There have been several great tasting batches of FLO OG, only one batch that I had was sub par. Batch 822. Platinum Bubba Kush, also very tasty medicine. FLO has everything going for it, smells skunky, tastes amazing, it's very light green with hints of purple on the underside of the flower, FLO FLO, flo flo flo, FLO FLO FLO FLO FLO. Neta is a great place I love it. Super nice people working there, no doubt. They have superior products. I drive 150 miles round trip,it would be nice if you could remove a strain from the menu,instantly after it's gone. I wasted five hours of my life today. PBK was still on the menu many hours after it was long gone. It's 70 miles each way for me and many others, with ten miles of traffic approaching Boston, and ten miles of traffic leaving. It's a really big deal for me to get there. I called today to make sure, I checked the menu every five minutes, only to walk in and have someone act like it was no big deal that came all that way for nothing. I feel like cheating on you NETA Brookline.

I love the place and knowledge of what is available but would love to see some different strains. Granddaddy Purple...Cannatonic....Blue Haze....Girl Scout Cookie...N.light....long trip from S.shore...need to put one down this end of Massachusetts....

Dispensary Response: Hi Mickfan069 - thanks for taking the time to submit your feedback. Right now we are working with all strains from our initial seed germination and have spent the last year or so phenotyping these plants to get the best flower available for our patients. This includes strains such as GSC and Northern Lights OG. We have now begun to cultivate a few new strains that we expect to test quite high in CBD, and look forward to propagating these more and more in order to bring these products out.

Multi available strains have dropped off a bit and not returned in a month, numerous strains of shatter have been reduced to 1 or 2 or somedays none. They no longer have Kief which is what brought me in the door , it was priced fair when every other dispensary totally soaks the patient on price of concentrates.Shatter should be no more than 40 a gram ANYWHERE. The bud is really good but can lack potency, they do carry some very weak strains a lot. They seemed like they were going to put a stamp on what a dispensary should be with all the other bad ones around MA. They still do IMO but there is no denying that there has been a serious serious slowdown at NETA. I hope they come back full force, I miss it and I miss the friendly people so much but just cant visit with 20% or less strains which seems to be all thats around and no Kief.

Dispensary Response: Hi - We hear your concerns and we want to help you as best as we are able. Like yourself, we are very much looking forward to offering a broad menu with eight strains and a full variety of concentrates. Our team is working hard to provide an ample supply of flower so that the limits can also be removed. We’ve been maximizing flower canopy space and have recently finished fully phenotyping all of our strains, which has resulted in an increase in flower density. We are also in the process of expanding the square footage of our cultivation facility to allow for even more robust production in the upcoming months - but as you know, cultivating cannabis takes time. We’re hoping for our first harvest from the new space, and a major bump in our production capacity, early in 2017. As for potency: TAC % - Not all patients desire the strongest med​icine,​ and there will always be selections at, or below, 15% TAC available. We are striving to offer reliable selections across all of our flower.​​ As for pricing - operating in a heavily regulated space such as this is very expensive, but we do closely monitor other RMDs for prices and make sure we have competitive pricing.

I was wondering if you were going to make s cooking oil with a high cbd low thc like a Steven Hawkins strain.

Dispensary Response: Hi - We know that many patients are looking for CBD products in edible or tincture form, and we plan to have these available at some point in the future. We have now begun to cultivate a few new strains that we expect to test quite high in CBD, and look forward to propagating these more and more in order to bring these products out. We will be sure to announce on social media and our website, when we expect to have these products available.

This place is great. The staff is very helpful. Will there be any knew edible products in the future? Like korova bars or some stronger edibles?

Dispensary Response: Hi there, thanks for your nice review. Yes, we have a couple of new edibles that will be coming out soon. 1) Cubes: edible gummy/chews. Small sized, cube-shaped pieces, 1 or 2mg each, fruit flavored, easy to dose, and delicious. 2) Culinary Oil: For baking or direct use. Stay tuned to our website and Facebook page for more info on when these will be coming out.

This dispensary is very nice inside. It used to be a bank back in the day, very roomy and clean. I've been to other dispensaries and for some reason, at this one, some of the buds are smaller. Taking into consideration depending on the type of flower(s) purchased. And, like another reviewer mentioned, the selection of flowers are very limited. I highly suggest you check the website menu for that day before venturing out. The biggest concern for me is the parking lot. It's a nightmare. Very small and tight and trying to get in and out is a major hassle.

Dispensary Response: Hi FiestyOne, thanks for your review. Our cultivation team has now finished phenotyping the majority of strains in our rotation; the size and density of our flower buds has gotten better and better through this process. If you are unhappy with the size of the buds in a specific batch, please feel free to mention this to our staff and we would be more than happy to find another batch with larger buds for you. One note on this: we do typically separate out the larger colas into smaller buds in order for patients to not have significant amounts of stems in their purchases. In regards to parking, we have a parking attendant outside the Brookline dispensary at all times in order to facilitate parking in our lot. As well, there are a couple of parking garages very close by, on-street parking is usually available, and we are located a short walk from the Green Line Brookline Village stop. We want to make travelling to the dispensary as easy as possible for our patients. Please let us know if there’s anything we can do to improve our current setup. Thanks.

Don't be fooled by the nice looking store and packaging. The quality is what matters, and I just don't see it from Neta.

Dispensary Response: Hi bikes, we appreciate you sharing your feedback. Helping patients have access to the highest quality cannabis products is what we are all about at NETA. Please feel free to reach out to us at the dispensary or email us to let us know what specific issues you have had regarding the quality of any of our products. We look forward to seeing you again and making this right for you.

AWSOME place !!

Love them all!!!always a pleasure

I love NETA. Everything about it is very professional. The staff is extremely knowledgeable, happy, respectful, great Security system, clean, i even like the new menu covers. There flower is great although i wish we had more choices like the good old days. Oils, tinctures, even the edibles (that never help me) but since the 3x i can enjoy that. Keep up the good work!!! and im waiting patiently for higher CBD flower.

I've been there twice and it was good. The only thing is that their selection of flowers is very limited and they only have shatter as a concentrate. Why not some hash?

Dispensary Response: Hi Jools, thanks for your nice review. Our cultivation team is working hard at bringing our inventory levels up to meet the current ever-increasing demand, and we hope to do away with limits just as soon as this happens. Although we are not currently producing hash, we do have several new products on the horizon, and we plan on eventually including hash once again on the menu, in the future.


i wish that you guys would get the rick simpson 65ml oil. im dying for ity i have cirrossis of the liver and really need this oil please help me.

Dispensary Response: Hi earthmaiden32, although we do not use the 'Rick Simpson' brand name, we do carry several varieties of cannabis tincture (which is essentially what Rick Simpson Oil is). As well, our cultivation team is working on bringing in more and more high-CBD products over the next few months. We would encourage you to stop in to one of our dispensaries and talk with our staff for more details on this.

Been to the Brookline dispensary 4 times.Every visit included top notch service and great quality products.Private and secure parking lot is a huge plus.Well run and super clean.Luv it!!! Keep up the good work!!

Why can I not seem to find NETA Brookline old website where I can view the daily menu??? I hope it is not to get people to make needless trips to there and find out there isn't anything they want to purchase. For some people, medically this is a real chore making the trip.

Dispensary Response: Hi Cfusco, we are sorry to hear you are having trouble viewing our daily menu. We want all of our patients to have easy access to our current selections at each of our dispensaries. Our menu is posted here on Allbud, as well as on our Twitter and Facebook pages. Our main website has a full interactive menu available and, as well, will have a downloadable menu in .PDF form available starting within the next few days or so. We hope this helps and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

Way over priced and way to much plastic packaging!!they should use paper bags for everything except the main bag you sometimes end up with 8 or more plastic containers depending on what you buy!

Dispensary Response: Hi ChrisW, thanks for your review. To address your concerns: we make sure to keep our pricing consistent with the Massachusetts market and regularly monitor pricing in the region to ensure this. About the packaging: while we are working towards eliminating excess plastic where we can, the vast majority of our packaging is necessary in order to comply with Massachusetts' regulations.

I have to thank NETA for contributions to the Mass Medical Dispensary system! Seems there is a slow down in flower but the consistent meds in the past months is really appreciated. It took pressure off the other dispensaries and allowed them to ramp up in their areas. I'll always hold up NETA up as the standard for dispensary I see going forward.

The products I purchased here were not of the quality I expected. The products at another dispensary were so much better. Maybe it is because neta extracts their oil with butane and salem does theirs with co2. Great staff though more products available but I wouldn't go back

Dispensary Response: Hi there, we are sorry to hear you were not satisfied with the quality of our oil/concentrates. We do choose a hydrocarbon extraction with these, as this method will retain the terpenes, which are essential for the entourage effect. Since we guarantee all of our products 100%, if you wish, please feel free to bring any items back for an exchange or credit. Thanks

I really thank NETA for their efforts! I can't think that their 'caramels' are really nogurt! Maybe it's a East coast West coast thing. Either way I think the 10 mcg dose is too much for me. I'd like a 5 mcg option and cause tincture is hard to titrat. I've had the experience (and some others too) with tincture where 10 hrs later you get 'bright' for lack of another term--could be the next morning which creates challenges for me workwise. Hard the break to 10 mcg lozenge too, and citrus bothers my stomach.

I went there for the first time today. They have a nice setup and a good selection. I was glad I made the trip and I will be returning.

Although I'm so happy with NETA contributions to medical treatment in the area I agree with some of the recent feedback. I'd like to a range of CBD meds. I'd prefer some meds with a THC mix--not all CBD. I'm wondering also if we opt for these low or no THC meds the price can be dropped. I don't know the economics of it but mostly to grow a plant has a cost point.

I've been here several times. Only twice did they have medical marijuana that has more than just a trace of CBD. What they are selling is high in THC that is great for getting people high but doesn't really help with pain. I have tried and there is a big difference between the strains. I would hope that after being in operation for this long, you would have more options.

Dispensary Response: Hi LMK, we do plan to increase our selection of high CBD products over time, especially once we are able to bring in new genetics into our rotation. Right now we are working with all strains from our initial seed germination and have been phenotyping these plants to get only the best flower available for our patients. Our rotation currently includes Sour Tsunami x Cataract Kush and Harlox strains, both of which routinely test high in CBD. At the time of this writing, we have had Harlox flower, testing at about 12% CBD, available in both dispensaries for a few days in a row. We look forward to offering a greater and greater selection of CBD options for our patients to choose from.

I am very comfortable coming here as the employees are so knowledgeable . I fully trust them all to help me pick out what I need.

I am so impressed with the wide flower selection and the consistent variety of the other meds. You really can't ask for anything more! I'm not in the area much so have'no really been unable to try 1/5 of the med options.

Such a kind, knowledgeable staff. I couldn't imagine going anywhere else!

Omg u r great you rock out

I'm not sure that 'shatter' is a medication. It's definitely not marijuana/cannabis in my view. I think Amsterdam is correct to not support its use. Not to overly criticize NETA cause I support its mission.

Dispensary Response: Hi there- We appreciate all perspectives at NETA. However, from our point of view, shatter, wax, and other high potency concentrates are the most medicinal of all our offered therapies. These products are the most directly analogous options to those as provided by traditional pharmaceutical companies in that they are refined, stabilized, and homogeneous. Furthermore, they offer patients who require higher doses of medicine a means of ingestion that does not require large-volume cannabis consumption. Certainly, there has been a degree of scrutiny around these therapies, but that stems more from the non-researched opinions of Nancy Grace-types, than from hard science. If you would like more information about the therapeutic benefit of any of these items, do not hesitate to ask a manager on your next visit. Thanks again for you support of NETA.

The cleanest Shatter in the country, Another home run for NETA!!'

Good for you, you should get VA support. Trauma related disorders are definitely amenable to cannabis. Makes sense to me to stick with flower. I'd go with Walker Kush or any other Kush. It's ironic the the same Afghanistan that traumatized people would provide the herb that mediates these conditions.

This is from Wolfie "Love this place A special thanks to Margot Lisa Dean and all the staff great service Caring compassionate always with big smiles making you feel comfortable each individual gets the personalized service caring words can't describe how greatful I am how the staff goes out of there way to take care of each person it is worth the trip and I am finally getting treated with respect and dignity that the Veterans hospitals do not give me or other veterans for this I am so appreciative that I can come here and be myself treated like person who Matters thank you all and I look forward to my next ttrip into Neta Brookine Ma once again a spec ail shout out from Wolfie great product hugs to all God Bless thank you !!!!!

Just want to advocate for some flower or lozenges with CBD to THC ratio in the 1:1 range. It would be more usable on a day to day basis. The 20:1 THC to CBD makes it harder to use throughout the day!

What is the extraction process for the oil cartridges ? There is a taste that I find distasteful with NETA cartridges that is not present in other dispensary oils. Thank you

I have to say the Sour tsunami x Cataract Kush is the combination I have been looking for. Just cause you want some CBD does not mean there should be no THC. This is the best ratio is something like 2 to 1. I'did like to some 5mg lozenges with this ratio.

I agree on the 5 mg edibles. I cannot tolerate chocolate or citrus so cutting the brownies, lozenges or even the nuggets is not good for me. In the 'senior set' not uncommon to have GERD. Minor issue in a way since the flower is great!!! Just something going foward.

I have to say NETA is my favorite place to go. You have the best products and the best staff. The only thing I could suggest and I have talked to other patients while waiting in line is to have lower dosage edible for your light weight coustmers. So glad to see you have 10mg brownies. Any chance you can have 5mg products. There are a lot of us that just need a little to be effective medically and I think there are more of us than you think. Also any chance you can get high CBD edibles soon, I love the oils but would be great to use items that are more discreet. Keep up the great work

Dispensary Response: Hi Idadog- to address your question about CBD: We do plan on eventually having a wide variety of CBD-rich products available for all of our patients. At this time, we are growing only the strains from our initial seed germination, just a few of which regularly test high for CBD. However, we are actively working with the DPH to allow us to bring in new genetics through tissue culture. This will enable us to greatly increase our genetic library, since we have access to strains with very high CBD:THC ratios - as much as 30:1 In terms of lower dosage edibles: One product that could work well for you is tincture. With this, you can easily dose very low and get comfortable with the medicine in small amounts. Our other edibles, such as the brownies, chocolate bars, nuggets and lozenges, can all be broken down into smaller pieces. If you purchased a 10mg nugget, you could cut it in half for 5mg doses, or even fourths for 2.5mg doses. The chocolate bars may be the easiest for you to break a 10mg bar, each piece is 2mg. Our PSAs can show you even more options next time you visit.

Hi there, will you have RSO at some point or the equivalent thereof? Is your product organic so to speak and does it even matter in regards to treatment? Thanks so much, you all seem very professional and knowledgeable and as a newcomer I am looking forward to learning all I can.

Dispensary Response: ​Hello - due to MA DPH regulations, RMDs must produce all products in-house. That means we are unable to sell Rick Simpson Oil or other branded products manufactured outside of NETA's cultivation and production facility in Franklin, MA. However, as a point of reference, RSO is simply a very strong tincture, which we do make. The next time you are in, please ask a patient service associate for details. As to cultivation: fully-organic indoor cultivation requires a tremendous amount of additional inputs. Therefore, we use only the highest quality nutrients and choose rockwool as a medium to help minimize our environmental footprint; we do only use certified organic pesticides, as required by the DPH, and we undergo frequent check ins by the regulators. Additionally, all final product is required to be tested for numerous substances, including heavy metals. Our results for these compounds are very, very low, if detected at all. These results provide a good benchmark for the quality of our cultivation practices. High metal numbers = poor inputs and practices.

This dispensary is amazing .they have great staff that cares about your you and try to give the best advice to get you receive from your pain .

I love this dispensary the staff is amazing the product is amazing I finally am getting proper pain relief and my PTSD is doing better I want to thank the whole Neta staff God bless and I look forward to coming back this was my 2nd visit and it was busy but I did not mind the way the personal service and care they take with each patient is amazing thank you all !!!!

surprisingly busy place, 30 minute wait with 6 counters open. clean and very well run, people are super nice. they have parking and an officer and attendant right outside. the prices are more than I've ever paid before. might be a one time visit until the prices come down a bit...

The best customer care, Herb and products. Top notch ! Had wonderful experience ! Traffic police officer for safety Great when pulling out of there During heavy traffic

Everyone there is polite and extremely helpful. I went in knowing nothing and thanks to Jay came out with a wealth of info. Jay was great! Product line is very assorted. The lozenges and drops helped a lot with chronic pain and sleep. They also helped assist me in and out of the building. Been there several times and will continue. Keep up the great work! Thank you!

Went to dispensary last night around 5 there were a lot of new patients so the wait in line was at least 1 hour. after waiting in line I made selections, took about 45mins because they take their time to explain everything for you then they have to label everything and search for it in multiple places. when it came time to finalize my purchase I wanted to use debit. He said in order to use it, there is a $2 transaction fee, and they have to round up the purchase to the nearest $5, which is pretty strange. due to the strict regulations set by the feds,they are limited to using 1 provider for debit/credit transactions. the provider they use only allows a debit pin number up to 6 digits. unfortunately my pin number has 8 digits. no big deal, I said to run it as credit, well it turns out you cannot use credit without having a four digit PIN assigned to your credit card (which most people do not have). Ended up having to run to an ATM and back making it just in the nic of time, only to wait another 10-15min for a cashier to free up to complete transaction. overall quality of the medicine is topnotch, the packaging/labeling isspot on, the first time patient deals are awesome. they need to advise patients how much time to allocate for the trip and the regulations they have for debit/credit purchases

Dispensary Response: Hi there, thanks for the nice review. We're glad to hear everything worked out for you in the end, although it sounds like it took a bit longer than you expected. While it can sometimes get busy here, we're always looking for ways to speed things up for our patients. Next time you come in, you may want to try using our Express line - if you know exactly what you would like to purchase and don't need to see or smell the flower beforehand or consult with our staff, then we can expedite your order this way. We do what we can to let our patients know about methods of payment, and to this end we post information on our website about how you can use debit and credit cards here at the dispensary. As always, if you have any questions about anything, feel free to reach out to us at 617-841-7250. We hope to see you again soon :)

Outstanding service and great staff. They have a great section of flower no matter what your need might be. Never a problem like running out of product which is common at another dispensary in the state. One criticism though, can we please buy some of those cool tshirts the staff where?!

Dispensary Response: Hi there, thanks for your feedback. To answer your question, due to DPH regulations we are unable to sell NETA T-shirts.

This place is off the hook great service,and the people that work there are always trying to help! This is my go to place!!

Thanks much for my improvement in an immune related pain condition! The 5mg lozenges were the way to go.

Very professional and well stocked. Staff is knowledgeable and friendly I've been there a few times and it's always been a positive and pleasant experience. I'd give them 10 stars if possible.

Very excellent services and verrrrrrry professional staff I love that place AAA +

Excellent service and very professional staff. Fist timer experience was A+

This is best dispensary I've been to in the area(Salem, Brockton included). excellent location, very professional staff, excellent flower selection and quality. I loved how the product was shown to me before purchase and weighed out in front of me. The staff was extremely helpful and friendly. And I really appreciated them offering their help to me for any difficulties I was having due to my disability. Also helped me to use the elevator instead of having to struggle with the stairs.

I became an informed "patient" my first time to NETA thanks to Lisa. She answered my questions & took the time to explain everything to me. I enjoyed the $49 discount. Thanks. The products are all #1 with a nice selection & variety. Congratulations, you have an awesome thing going here. I

I'm really happy with this, my first and only dispensary. The employees are ALL top notch, so very helpful and pleasant. I assume the choice of edibles will expand over time. I use the indica lozenge that I need to cut in half and I'm not bad at it but it's a trick. The other choices for edibles for sleep all have caffeine, which is contraindicated, I cannot have caffeine after 4pm. Please keep this in mind.

Dispensary Response: Hi rikkileigh, thanks for the nice review! Yes, our edible selection will indeed expand over time. We'll make note of your request for more edibles with no amount of chocolate / caffeine. In the meantime, we could suggest trying out the Indica Upside Capsules. Also, we will have the Indica Tincture back on the menu before too long. Many patients report these are helpful for sleep. We hope to see you back soon :)

I'm so happy with NETA! I appreciated the thoughtful and informative response around questions about their use of trim cutting to produce concentrates. I'm not that concerned about concentrates per se. Too strong for me. I would like to see some 5mg lozenges that are not citrus or with chocoale. I have GIRD and would like medicine without those ingredients that are not oils(although I know it's work for some people).

Dispensary Response: Hi there, thanks for sharing your feedback! We will definitely take your suggestion into consideration.

Imy very pleased with the product and the experience. Especially having some lower THC flower . It makes me smile. The edibles should come from the trim. That's the whole pint. I'll be so happy when they can grow in the sun and save energy.

Very professional, very helpful, i have been to one other dispensery other than here ,its like day and night no comparison, i personally think they should have a 6 star than 5 thanks for the great service!!!

According to them, their edibles are made entirely from trim concentrates that are directly mixed into the final product. So that indica edible is going to be a mix of trim from all their indicas - so sometimes a batch might be sleepy while another might just be body relaxation. That's not "medical." You never get the same effect twice! Also, direct incorporation of concentrate into edibles means a less powerful body high that lasts for less time than a real infusion. Make your edibles more bioavailable and then maybe they would last for over a handful of hours.

Dispensary Response: Hi there, thank you for your feedback. To address your comments in order: First- indica edible variation, etc. Given patient volumes and MADPH testing requirements, strain-specific edible production is not a realistically viable option. Therefore, to provide patients with a degree of selection refinement, we provision edibles in sativa, indica, hybrid, and soon, CBD varieties. The base concentrate for these batches is produced from large volume trim packages that are comprised of numerous, smaller like-variety (not strain) trim packages. Blending multiple packages like this improves batch-to-batch MIP homogeneity and should allow patients to achieve reasonably repeatable results. Additionally, a typical batch of variety specific, infusion-ready oil for NETA is quite large and may contain enough cannabinoids to produce 20,000+ 10mg edibles. This further improves batch-over homogeneity. Certainly, isolating specific cannabinoids/terpenes and infusing products with measured amounts of those would produce very repeatable results, However, the entourage effect (EE) would be nullified (think Marinol- "medical") and it is this very effect that is most therapeutic for many patients. NETA is sponsoring research on the EE and we intend to develop new products based upon those findings. Second- concentrate infusion into edibles. To be clear, NETA does not directly infuse edibles with raw concentrate. Instead, we decarboxylate said concentrates in a solution with medium chain triglycerides (MCT). MCT was developed to help treat individuals suffering from lipid absorption disorders and its incorporation in our infusion solution should significantly increase the baseline 5% bio availability for orally-consumed MIPs. Again, reliable data on this subject is scant and NETA is conducting internal research to improve the reliability of onset, duration, and terminus for MIPs. We at NETA strive to advance the science of medical marijuana on a daily basis. Given the vertical integration requirements of Massachusetts, we are proud to offer patients the breadth of therapies that we do so early in our operations. However, you can be sure that we will never rest and will continue to pursue, develop, and refine new therapies and delivery methods. Thanks

first time guests are greeted at the door and they sit with you to discuss your needs. I had Marlo and she was great! Educational and funny too! And the best part is 1st time guests get 1/8 for $1. And if you refer someone you you'll get another 1/8 for $1. They also gave you free rolling papers. They weigh the flower in front of you. Excellent choice of about 10 strains and several edibles. No need to go anywhere else.

The staff were very professional, educated on the matter and extremely polite. Very nice first Time experience!

A very enjoyable experience absolutely no hassles. I will use them again. More edibles are needed

Excellent dispen

Great place. Staff was very friendly and knowledgable.

Awesome experience! I have seen the future of cannabis dispensaries and it is NETA. Beautiful rehab on the bank, with amazing flower choices and edibles that cater to every need and taste. what I liked was THC level choices in the mid teen range rather than all over 20 which in uncessarily strong. Lower prices too.

I had the pleasure of visiting NETA Brookline on Friday (big fan of NETA Northampton) These guys have set the bar way to high right off the bat, they would win awards in any state! Eight strains, all top shelf medicine! I don't work for them (wish I did) the staff is vibrant and extremely helpful. The quality of their flower will enable them to compete against the commercial black market, you can't purchase medicine on the street that compares to NETA !! The medibles offer a variety of favors and dosage that actually taste good and work.

With the opening of NETA Brookline it just keeps gets better. Friendly, knowledgable crew. The menu rocks and because this was my first visit they gave me $49 discount. The building NETA is in is architecturally spectacular.

Great supply and extremely helpful staff. Great experience.

All-around great experience thanks again to all the help you guys are really good at your jobs

Tops in every way! Great service. THIS is what it's all about.

Wondering on getting appointment. I saw the State approved opening Feb 2!

Wondering on appointments and opening date. I see the state gave approval!